When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping (again, and again, and again and again). 😅

I was randomly surfing the zara website one day (Because I miss shopping at zara 😅) and saw that there was a Christmas promotion across Men, Women and Kids.

"Window"-shopped for a few days before getting:

For the hubs.

I really like the polo t-shirt!
About 40% discount.

Also really like the shirt, though it wasn't on discount.
Save it for CNY, since I don't think I'll have time to go shopping.

For the girls.

I got a 6-9M for Allie and a 3-4Y for Clarissa.

Clarissa picked this. 😊

Not on discount either but it's $9.90 each.
Can twin with Daddy's polo t-shirt. 😆


I was almost carting out 2 items from the Christmas promo, but one was a dress but it went out of stock because I took too long to shop and one was, erm, yet another shirt which I have tonnes of. 😅

Chanced upon this which is the t-shirt version of the dress I wanted to get? Lol #死心眼.

My father-in-law dropped by yesterday afternoon before picking Clarissa up.

He asked about the baby, specifically, who's taking care of her.

I said it's me and our helper.

He told me about this neighbor from China who also has a toddler and a newborn, and she's taking care of both all on her own.
So he said it should be manageable for us, to have both the helper and I looking after one baby.

I don't think he meant it in a bad way. If anything, I think he's probably trying to be encouraging in his own way?

In fact whenever I start to feel stressed about handling two girls, *even* with help, I try to think this way too. If some mummies can singlehandedly take care of two (or more) kids on their own, so can we.

Yes, "we". Not, "I".
I'm just being honest. 😅
Though I think if pushed to do it, I *think* I can too. Because, no choice. 😂

So I said to him, yes yes it's ok it's manageable.

Which isn't too far from the truth except for certain hours during the day.

Though everyday is different.

Some days she naps, some days she doesn't. Some days she drinks every 3 hours, some days she'd perpetually hangry. Some days "witching" lasts only 1-2 hours some days it goes on (like) forever.

Middle of the night feeding, changing, coaxing to sleep and pumping are quite manageable so far, but I need a nap in the morning and even so my battery goes about flat by 8pm.

So I actually am looking forward to the days where things get better than this.

I've heard mummies or friends say how they miss the newborn days, and I always laugh and say I don't.
And I mean it. 😂

Even without pumping, waking up every 2-3hours or less to check on the baby / feed / change her is tough.

I know this is just a phase.
So I'm looking forward to the next phase already. 💪💪

Multi-tasking yesterday.

One pretending to sleep and one learning her alphabets. 😆

Our helper cooked chicken rice for dinner tonight.

She took a bite and immediately said, "Yummy!"

I asked her to take a picture and she gave a thumbs up without me prompting or directing.

Showed it to our helper and said she can use it for her signboard next time if she decides to open a chicken rice stall. 😆

One thing I'm trying to achieve before I go back to work is to get Clarissa to eat dinner on her own.

It's funny how her teachers say she has no problem eating on her own during lunch and how she is not picky with food. 😂

On a perfect day she eats and finishes everything on her own.

On a good day she at least starts by eating on her own. Halfway through she will tell me her hands are tired and I'll have to feed her.

On a not so good day she even needs some coaxing and story telling for me to be able to feed her. 😒

So I seldom have any appetite for dinner because I mostly don't know what I'm eating. 😅

Indigestion. 😕

But I love that she is appreciative and often tells her Yaya how yummy the food is.

When Yaya eats together with her, she'd even scoop food for her Yaya and insist she eats, and to "eat slowly". 😊

And she'd instruct her Yaya to put food into her mouth at the same timing together with her.

It's funny to watch, and kinda sweet.

We just have to keep working on the self feeding part. ✌