Poops-plosion. 😂

Strong legs! Lol.

She literally straightened and streeeeetched her legs and pooped for 5 minutes straight.

I didn't move her because when I went over to check on her, the swaddle and sheets were already stained.

Reminded me of her Jiejie who did the same thing 3 years ago.

She also straightened her legs and pooped.. onto Wai-po. 😂

I only managed to capture the aftermath.

Her face so attitude? Lol like simi daiji? 😂

While Meimei is more like, let me do this as discreetly as possible. 😂

Had a pretty rough night with her.

She kept grunting and stirring and I was waking up every other hour to either change her (her entire romper and swaddle were wet from sweat.. in an a.c. room?!) / human mattress her / feed her.. And also pump.

This morning I fed her around 530am and put her back onto her cot. She only stirred once when Jiejie came into the room around 645am, and then she slept all the way till 830am! 😉

My mum dropped by this morning and said I looked terrible.

So she said I really need to 补. 😅

I think what I really need is 1) Uninterrupted sleep or just more sleep and 2) A hair cut.

No. 1 cannot be achieved so I shall go for No. 2.

Although that is at the expense of No. 1, because it means I can't take a nap during the day. 😂

How do you look like a million dollars 5 weeks post partum, sleep deprived since March and taking only 1-hour naps in the past week?

The answer is, you don't and you won't.

And I have people asking me if I'm going for number 3, or even worse, when. 😒

(That will warrant an entire entry on its own.. another day. 😬)

The husband had jokingly (at least I hope he's joking) suggested that we leave it to chance / fate but my face turned grey and he went, whoa so serious.

Yep no, means no.

..to be with our kids, we forget how to be..

.. doing ok.

That feeling when you raise a genuine concern, only to be brushed off like you are just being irrelevant and small minded.

Sometimes I can't wait to return to work, sometimes I worry about how I'm going to return to work, sometimes I shudder thinking about how I'm going to do the rush-home-before-6 thing all over again, so that I can relieve the helper who'd would have to take care of not one but two kids once I return to work.

It'd be for probably 1-2 hours after Clarissa comes home from school but it's the most stressful time of the day when everything happens at the same time.

It's enough to sap you of all the good energy you might have accumulated during the day, if the baby sleeps.

I think it's too much to ask of the helper so someone (me) needs to be here too.

It's still early days, but aye.

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