On our way to the PD for the one month check.

Height: 56cm (from 49cm)
Weight: 4.8kg (from 3.085kg)
Head circumference: 37cm (from 33cm)

Decided to go for the 6 in 1 jab instead at 2 months so no jab today.

The PD said her weight gain is a little too much – it should be around 1kg for 1 month old babies – but it's ok as long as she's drinking well and not throwing up.

She was able to follow the toy the PD moved in front of her with her eyes and head.

A bit of cradle cap (which Clarissa had too) on her brows but otherwise all's good.

On the other hand I'm feeling quite out of sorts today because I only managed to sleep a nearly 2-hour block from 130am to 330am.

It was nearly 5am by the time I finished pumping and settled back in bed.

The baby stirred around 545am so I got up to make milk because I got the timings wrong (thought it was already 3 hours but it wasn't).

She went back to sleep so I decided to snooze while waiting for her to wake up.

And then Clarissa woke up at 6.

Couldn't nap in the morning and by the time I could nap in the afternoon I was too uncomfortable and over-tired to. 😭

Sigh really 全身不舒服 zzz.

Stormy day at home today, very much like the weather.

I can only hope that tomorrow would be a better day.

We can't be losing the plot now.

In fact, as parents, losing the plot is not an option.

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