Of the old and new year

And then it's a brand new year.

I didn't have time to update both fb and dayre yesterday, so I prioritised fb for my self-imposed tradition's sake.

Despite sacrificing precious nap times to browse through all the photos, it was time well spent recollecting the various moments and precious memories that'd made up the year 2017.

For every bad thing that'd happened, there was always more than one good thing and person that more than made up for it.

So while it has been rough, I've come to realise how lucky and blessed I am.

We travelled to Perth in January and Seoul/Jeju in April.

It was very heartening to see the little boss so excited every morning, always ready to go for the day's adventures.

We were usually pooped by 8pm everyday but it was a very happy kind of exhaustion.

We celebrated Father's day, our dating anniversary and my birthday with staycations at Ritz and W hotel.

The person who had the most fun was Clarissa, and that was the point.

Seeing her happy makes us all happy.

The darkest period was also the brightest, for it made me realised how loved we all are.

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way, that we will not always receive the same kindness we give to others.

But be kind anyway, because one bad egg does not mean we should throw out the entire basket.

Just like a bad day or week or month does not make a bad life.

April was the toughest and most trying month, whether it is grappling with the first trimester nausea, shuttling to and from work, relationship, household chores and life in general.

Yet it was also the brightest, because everyone was there for me, for us, helping out wherever and whenever they could.

For that I'd always be thankful for the mini hurdle we had to cross.

I am very thankful for all my friends who have been a great pillar of support thoughout the year, whether it is the messages checking on how I was doing, or the dates and playdates we had.

And of course, family.

My sisters, the girls' Yi-yis, who would always drop by for celebrations / to babysit / entertain the little boss, whenever I needed the boost, or a breather.

I love seeing the way Clarissa relate with our dads.

Her bickering with Ah-gong despite telling me he's "quite fierce"; the easy and comfortable way she interacts with Wai-gong.

So different yet so similar, in the way both grandpas indulges her.

One with waffles, cakes and bread, the other with biscuits, all of which are her favorites, all of which she's reciprocated by exclaiming how nice / delicious / 超好吃 they are.

We spent most of the year anticipating and preparing for the arrival of her little sister.

Got a new car, a fire truck bed, adjusted the cot bed, bought new furniture from Ikea..

It wasn't easy being pregnant and juggling work, life and being a mum to a toddler, but seeing how the little boss took on the role of Jie-jie so readily and proudly made it worthwhile.

I hope they'd always have each other's backs.

And then the youngest in the family arrived.

Time to put aside the pre-term labour experience and delivery drama, and focus on what's ahead of us.

Feeding, burping, showering, sleeping duties.

Together we can do this.

Even if it is only for moments like this.

A smile.

A hug.

A pat on the shoulder.

A kiss.

A small hand in a bigger hand.

Happy new year, to you and to us!

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