Of 9 weeks young, jabs and #notsoeasy parenting moments

On our way home after her 6-in-1 and rotavirus vaccination.

Height: 58.4cm
Weight: 5.8kg
Head circumference: 39cm

All at 90th percentile. 😆

9 weeks exactly!

Like her sister, she cried out loud for 3 seconds and was ok after that.

Jiejie was very chatty and her PD who's seen her for the past 3 years asked if she suddenly became chatty. 😂

We said no. Just that she's more open now. 😂🤣

When we were about to leave she kept telling her PD that she's (the PD) little miss chatterbox. We asked her to stop but she kept repeating.. at least three times fol. 🙈🙈

Our PD did not react to it but I think she heard it? Sigh so embarrassing.

Later over lunch we told Clarissa it was rude and asked her why she said the doctor was little miss chatterbox.

"Because she talked very fast and talked a lot," she explained.

I guess she didn't mean it as a bad thing.

She knew about little miss chatterbox through a book I read to her, and she enjoyed the book very much because I'd read very fast and squeeze many words in one sentence, as per the lines in the book. 😂

In fact she found it funny and entertaining and would try to imitate.

She probably was just identifying with the character, and is too young to understand the (slightly) negative connotations behind the term "chatterbox".

I guess this is just the beginning of our paiseh moments as parents.

We gave up trying to stop her and almost ran out of the room after hurriedly saying thank you and goodbye to our PD.

Meimei got a jab but Jiejie got a new toy. 😅

I think Jiejie was getting a little impatient waiting for our turn so Daddy said he will buy something for her after lunch.

In both our minds we were thinking, hmm surprise egg or something small. So when she said "Peppa pig, Ok?" We assumed she meant a Peppa pig egg.

After lunch Daddy took her to walk around while I packed up and pushed Meimei out in the stroller.

By then she'd already led Daddy to a shop and pointed at this Peppa pig playground set she wanted to get.

And Daddy asked her to ask Mummy. 🙄

It's $20 for the family figurines, slide, swing, seesaw.. not expensive? But more importantly her face, so full of anticipation and excitement.

Since Daddy promised I said ok. #weak 😂

We told her she can only play after she takes her nap, and she tried to negotiate ("I play first then I sleep?") but we said no.

So she kept asking Daddy to drive faster so she could go home and sleep. 😂

And she's now fast asleep hugging the unopened box of playground set. 😅😅

We figured she'd probably already spotted the set from the shop window? And was just waiting for a chance to take us there (since we said we'd get something for her).

Aye, what could we do? 😅

Promises made, promises kept. 😁