Of the little queens in the house

Just started on this and have been watching it with the hubs the past 2 nights while pumping.

It's a spin-off of Journey to the West.

Was hesitant to start at first when the hubs asked if I wanted to watch it together (Because, got hantu 😂) but it's actually pretty good.

My only gripe is that each episode is so long! 1.5 hours.

So I have to sleep immediately after watching. 😂

Anyway this show just started its run in December so we'd soon catch up and probably only watch once a week.

Ooh wanted to write about yesterday's drama moment during the 6pm chaos.

Meimei was in her sleepsuit already as we were trying to make her sleep.

Jiejie the strict sister saw that she wasn't zipped up properly so she reached over to zip the sleepsuit up all the way to the top.

Nothing wrong at all, but Meimei started crying.

And then Jiejie started wailing.


So we had 2 babies crying at the same time. Our helper was carrying Meimei while I hugged Jiejie and we couldn't help but give each other an amused look.

Meimei was just yakking on and off but Jiejie was crying with tears and snot and all.

She cried because she thought she made Meimei cry.

Though it looked like Meimei made her cry instead. 😂

Meimei is not. 😭😂

Because she's such a bad daytime napper, we've been contemplating if we should assemble the sarong again.

Afterall Clarissa used it for her daytime naps too since she was very small. My mum bought it because she couldn't deal with the cat naps.

We also used it to rock her to sleep at night before transferring her to the cot.

She weaned herself off the sarong when she was 1? Just didn't want to get into it anymore so we kept it away.

The only problem now is that there is no space for the sarong. 😅

The study room is already quite crammed with the single bed and cot.

The only other place might be Clarissa's room again, where it originally was. We just have to figure out where to store the mattress and her massive collection of animal friends.

So I casually brought it up to Clarissa and her response made me laugh.

👧: Clarissa, do you think we can put the sarong for Meimei in your room?

🙎: (Thinks for 2 seconds) Yes! Can!

👧: But there's not enough space.

🙎: I think you just need to move Yaya's bed a little bit!

👧: Oh really? So we can put the sarong in your room? You are ok?

🙎: Just put! Don't need to ask one!

Singlish aside, I think it's very sweet of her lah. 😁

My family is in the midst of moving house and something gets uncovered every other day.

My mum sent this to me and I choked. 😂

Almost forgot about this buibui diva.

Now only bui hahahaha.

☝️Comic relief for a very rough evening with Meimei crying non-stop from 7 to 11. 😧

Hope she feels better tomorrow.