Of Physical trainings and Spelling her name

"Mummy sent my photo to Daddy this morning and he said my face looks rounder!"

And so, it's..



Sisters PT face lol.

Clarissa was 4.5 months young in this picture.

They don't look alike!

Except maybe the (lack of) hair and the forehead.

Took her to the playground for more PT after picking her up.

Wanted Meimei to nap a bit longer because she only napped 1.5 hours + 40 minutes the entire day. 😣

🙎: Next time I want to come with Meimei and we can slide down together if the other slide is not dirty!

(Pardon the mismatched t-shirt and pants. 😂🙈)

I gave her ample time to prepare to go home.

10 more minutes, 5 more minutes, 2 more minutes.

But when it was time to go home, She looked at me in mock surprise and said, "But the playground is my home!"

Err nice try.

I tried to convince her otherwise.

"But where is your bed?"

"Here!" She pointed at a platform.

"But there's no TV?"

"There!" She pointed at a board.

She even tried to tell me that there is no one taking care of the playground at night so she needs to be here. 😂

Ultimately I said, but Meimei is not here. So we have to go home to Meimei.

She came down the slide and said, "Next time we come again with Meimei ok?"

And then we went home.

She can spell her name!

She was going faster and faster so I asked her to slow down. 😆

That deliberate pause in between each letter.. 😅