Of girls’ talk, negotiations and our 6pm

Dreams (the kind you have while sleeping) are such a waste of time..

So I dragged myself out of bed instead of going back to sleep.

I've been having either blockbuster-like or weird dreams lately – all the rather vivid kind.

Despite the perpetual lack of sleep, I actually seldom have vivid dreams.

So I'm feeling quite intruded right now.

By my own wild thoughts wtf.

But I got up to this little one, who woke up at the same time.

I love how smiley she is. 😘

This cooing stage is quite funny and endearing, especially when she talks and smiles at the same time.

I often wonder what she's trying to tell us.

It's very interesting watching how they progress from incomprehensible but cute talking to this:

Still cute, but more amusing. 🤣

She talked for at least 2 minutes but I cut the video down to 15s so I can upload directly to Dayre.

She was pretending to call her Daddy on her mama duck phone.

Her phone number remains unchanged. You can reach her at 81754321. 😂

Talking to the big little boss these days is like taking a course on negotiation.

Yesterday after playground time she asked for biscuits.

It was slightly less than an hour to dinner so I said, why don't you bring some biscuits to school tomorrow and have them for breakfast.

She said no but didn't protest further so I asked her to drink her yummy water.

But I only drink yummy water after I eat biscuit!


She didn't say it in a naughty way. She just looked and sounded concerned!?

And it's true that I usually let her have some biscuits because she drank the yummy water, which is actually forlax.

So I said, ok one piece.

"No, I want 5," she raised her hand showing all 5 fingers.

"2," I tried.

"5," she was persistent, her hand still up.

"3," I felt like I might lose this bidding war.

"Ok, 4!" She said, forcing her thumb down.

So we dealt at 4 pieces of pororo biscuits lol.

They are very small pieces of biscuits, so I just let it go~ let it go~~ 😅😂

Can't win all the time.

She's also adamant about getting addressed properly and politely by her name.

It's happened many times, when the hubs or I casually asked her to do something, only to be corrected.

Like this morning.

👦: (Looking at the little boss) Hey can you help me throw this please?

🙎: (Indignantly) Why you call me 'hey'? My name is not 'hey'!

👦: Uh, sorry I didn't mean it this way. Ok, Clarissa, can you help me throw this?

🙎: No! Because you call me 'hey'!


Or she'd jump onto it once she caught us making mistakes.

Once, I accidentally said "wahlao".. and she immediately went, "Orr horr Mummy, you said a bad word! You cannot say wahlao you know!"

Hahahaha damn, and I was the one who said this to her when I heard her saying it.

Time to be more cautious when we speak.

I can't wait to see the two girls interact.

It's definitely too early to tell, but I'm imagining a sassy Jiejie who tries to break all the rules – "Daddy says cannot do *this* but he didn't say cannot do *that*!"- and a sweetie Meimei who tries to hold her back, like "Are you sure Jie? Daddy and Mummy are going to find out!"


A typical 6pm with the two girls

Our helper usually cooks from 530 to 630pm, and I'll entertain both girls if Meimei is awake.

Everyday I'd let Clarissa decide what she wants to do.

Within boundaries, of course.

That means she can't and won't ask to watch T.V. for an hour, or jump up and down for an hour. 😂

Today, Jiejie asked for some YouTube time so she got 20 minutes of it.

I sat with her while Meimei sat in the chair, and erm tried to watch TV?! 😂

Read 2 books with Jiejie while Meimei tried to kick her way out of the chair.

And then Jiejie played on her own while Meimei and I watched on.


Da-yi dropped by this evening!

Someone told me happily, somebody came to my house!

Little sister is happy too lol.