Of 11 weeks and Play date at National Gallery

What? I'm 11 weeks young today?

Hehe feels good eh.

Yay for once I remember the weekly millstone on the day itself. 😂

Weekends are simply too busy.

Meanwhile.. Jiejie goes on a playdate!

Our first time at the National Gallery, thank you @Simiwako for suggesting!

We need to do better at being punctual though. 😯

I'm not sure if it's a girls thing or a toddlers thing but their interaction can be equal parts sweet and competitive.

One minute they were like "Come sit here sit here!" and tickling each other, and the next minute they were like "I can eat faster than you!" and trying to sing different songs. 😅

Clarissa very bossily told Ruth, "Big girl already, cannot cry!" When Ruth cried for her Daddy to carry her. 🙈

And during lunch, they kept passing each other the same food. 🤣

So it's been a pretty fun day out!

We need to work on her saying goodbye nicely. She dislikes saying goodbye after playdates. I guess it's partly because she's tired and partly because she wants to keep playing. 🙄🙄

Early bedtime tonight because she only napped 30 minutes in the car on our way to the next appointment.

I'm all knackered too.

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