Of a Good Sunday

We are the lions! 🤣

Yay to a 915am start today.

I was up at 4am to pump, started feeding Meimei around 615am when Jiejie also woke up. So both girls were drinking milk together.

Jiejie finished her milk first so I asked her to go to our room to look for Daddy, and to try to go back to sleep.

Promised her I'd join her after I settled Meimei.

She did it without protesting.

When I joined her in our room, she was lying down quietly on her own, head on my pillow. She smiled when she saw me, and shifted to the middle of the bed.

Daddy was snoring lightly and she drifted off to sleep. I dozed off too, and woke up around 830am.

The hubs was snoring and the bubs was sleeping, both with gusto. 😆

I simply waited until she stirred, 45 minutes later. And then she opened her eyes, and smiled when she saw me.

After giving me a hug she rolled off the bed and ran to the kitchen to greet her Yaya a chirpy "good morning".

She got changed while I washed up, and she told me happily outside the bathroom:

I nap so much I'm not grumpy!

Breakfast at our usual hunt.

Ate very well!

Aww can we have more of these 9am weekends?

(Please, no #dayrejinx! 😅)

Running happily to the lift.

She was wearing the uniqlo mesh camisole, which has the tag on the outside. But our helper has been putting it on for her on the reverse.

So this morning I flipped it over for her.

She ran off to inform our helper, "Yaya! You wear my t-shirt wrongly! Why you so funny?"

Don't know who the funny one is.

This one woke up at 945am? 😁

Did a big poop after tummy time. 😆

Hahahahaha choosing movies together.

The hubs was telling me last evening that Meimei smells very nice.. while Jiejie doesn't smell as nice because she's so sweaty most of the time. 😅😂

Erm so yeah this morning her hair smelt a bit chao-sng because she sweated so much.

And yet she kept sweeping her hair against her Daddy's nose lol. 🤣

"Mummy, can you take you take a picture of me sitting on this chair?"


My mum bought this for her, but for the past two weeks she refused to sit on it because it rocks a little when she sits on it.

But she's ok with it now!

On an unrelated note, our helper told me she was fidgeting in bed around 4-5am this morning before she got up and told her Yaya she needed to pee.

Our helper reminded her that she was wearing her diaper so she peed in her diaper and went back to sleep. 🤣

Does this mean she's ready to go diaperless at night?

But I'm not. 😂

I just bought 4 new packs of pull-up pants for her leh. 😅😅

Post swimming lesson – Very short nap for Meimei, short nap for Jiejie and Daddy, no nap for Mummy because by the time I finished pumping, Meimei woke up. 😂

So it was movie night after dinner.
We watched Ratatouille!

At one point I had both girls sitting on my lap and the hubs took a picture with my phone and sent it to the siblings group chat using my phone. 😒

My eye bags really last warning.

My FIL is on a short trip to Thailand over the weekend and he sent this to me lol.

The hubs was holding my phone when the message came in and he responded by sending that eye bag photo using my phone? 😅

So weird, so I shared a few more photos of the girls smiling and asked him to have fun.

Shower time.

The big little boss declared:

Mummy, today I'm happy the WHOLE day!

Lol I'm glad to know that.

She then went to look for her Daddy who was in the study room rocking Meimei to sleep.

Went up the bed and snuggled close to him lol.

While I took a very short breather in our room.


She requested for me to tell the Ratatouille story, but said to me, "You just try ok? If you cannot, we change to another story ok?"


I managed to tell the story before I dozed off holding her hand.

So tired, but so good.