Of a staycation and spa marinate

Kacang putih anyone? 😅

We were supposed to be here to celebrate the hubs' birthday last year but postponed it because I had to be on bed rest.

I don't think we were thinking straight then, because we should have either postponed it to an even later date, or have chosen a Sunday/Monday.

But anyway we are here, now to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Apparently the hubs told the hotel? And so we got this funny swan couple thingy. 😂🤣

I'd have preferred something more useful like a complimentary champagne or a slice of cake?

Hahaha but the little boss likes it enough to take a picture with it.

Got a roll-away bed for her and she is making herself at home.

I got a family suite for us this time, and this bed is placed in the living room.

She kept referring it it as "my room". 😁

There's a pool right downstairs.

But we went to the other one instead.


She had a lot of fun swimming, as usual.


KO-ed when we drove out to have dinner.

Dinner time!

We went to Soup Restaurant because Chinese baby needs her fried rice. 😆

You better don't huh. 😅😂

2235: Having a calbee partay. 😂

The hotel gave us a $38 voucher for their spa services so the hubs told me to go for it and he would do bedtime with Clarissa.

He called to make an appointment for me even though I was undecided.

So I went at 9pm after making milk and kissing Clarissa good night.

It'd have been perfect if the massage was a better spa experience?

I chose the Swedish massage, because it was the cheapest on the list.

When the masseur first started on my left leg, her strokes were very quick and light.

She asked me if I was ok with the level of pressure, so I told her she could go harder.

She finished off very quickly and went on to my right leg with the same level of pressure.

So I tried asking her again to increase the pressure.

She told me, oh Swedish massage is not supposed to be hard.

She said if I wanted a hard core one I should have gone for a deep tissue massage, which cost $30 more.

Not wanting to waste an hour just to get marinated, I said ok, I'll top up $30.

She quickly said oh no it's ok I'll just do it for you, don't need to top up.

So I said thank you and she continued.

The pressure she applied was good, but the strokes were so quick it was hardly relaxing.

I wanted to ask her if she was rushing somewhere? 😂

Some of her techniques were pretty good though.

She placed two hands in front of my shoulders and used her knees to apply pressure on my shoulder blades, before moving down to my waist and lower back.

That was so good and we heard so many cracks lol.

But other than that it simply felt to rushed and she was literally pouring so much massage oil on me I felt like an over marinated deep fried chicken. 😅😂

It was hardly relaxing even though she managed to soothe those knots.

Still, it was a nice gift of time to get my stiff body sorted out a little!

The first thing I did when I got back was to jump into the shower. 🤣

2349: Just finished pumping and washing the parts. Now waiting for the kettle of water to boil so I can sterilize them.

I miscalculated the number of pumps I need to do and brought 3 storage bags instead of 4 zzz.

My brain.

And the hubs is fast asleep!

It's hard to imagine that at this time, 8 years ago, we were still discussing about the table arrangement and I was helping my mum clear the balcony?

Which was mission impossible because my mum simply hoarded too much stuff? 😅

I remember not being able to fall asleep until much later!

Now I think we can fall asleep anytime anywhere. 😆