Of 8 good years and more to come

The actual day of our 8th wedding anniversary started at 430am when the little boss suddenly cried loudly from her "living bed room".

After calming down she sulked for a while before she fell asleep again.
I think she was angry with us for leaving her in the room, even though she could see us from where her bed was. 😅

But she woke up happy, announcing, "It's morning time already!" and doing this Ruhua thingy with the net.

I was still in bed, so tired because I was up again at 6am to pump.

We went for breakfast in pjs. 😆

Headed back to the room where I packed and the hubs brought the bubs to the pool in front of our room.

I bumped into one of the housekeepers on my way out to join them.

She asked where Clarissa was, and said to me, oh she's so cute.

Being #asianparents I laughed and said, oh she can be quite naughty.

The day before, the housekeeper was at our door with a baby cot wanting to help us set it up because the reception staff told us they were going to charge for the roll-away bed (they later agreed to waive it).

The little boss joined in the conversation, and told us, "Huh I don't need the baby cot. I'm not a baby! I'm a big girl!" 😂

Which made everyone laugh.

And on our way to/from the room, she'd greet everyone she saw with a good morning/afternoon like she owned the place. 🤣

The housekeeper told me that the little boss has brightened up her day, especially when she was feeling so tired yesterday.

Which reminded me of the time a neighbor suddenly talked to me when we were in the lift.

She asked me where Clarissa was (I was on my way to pick her up) and told me she's so cute and always greeting her good morning.

Hahaha. Kids really have a way to connect people!

I've seen this neighbour around and sometimes we nod and smile at each other.

But in the 8 years we've lived here, we've not had a single exchange until that day.


I got to the pool and the #lovebirds were doing this:

Hahahaha taking turns to jump into the pool.

She was so happy!

And wanted me to jump in too. 😂

I wanted to capture a photo of them jumping into the pool at the same time.

This was the best and only shot I have.

Because she was always already in the water when her Daddy was still in the middle of jumping in.


It was so fun!

My sides was aching from laughing and also jumping because the boss insisted I did it with them too.

She must have jumped at least 50 times?

When both of us were exhausted, she was still climbing up and jumping in and swimming and then repeating it all over again.

The hubs told her it was time to go and she could jump in one more time.

She stood there and considered.

"TEN," She told him, putting all 10 fingers up.

They finally dealt at 5 jumps. 😅

"Mummy, I like this pool! Next time I want to come again with Meimei," she said to me.

She'd willingly stepped out of the pool once she was done with her 5 jumps.

"Mummy, I like this hotel! Can we come again next time?"

We saw one of the resident peacocks open his fan. 😆

It's actually my first time seeing this in person?

Which reminded me of this funny exchange between the hubs and the bubs in the morning.

The hubs stepped out of our room to stretch and saw a peacock sitting on the gate. He carried the bubs out to watch it.

👦: Clarissa, see! Peacock on the gate!

🙎: Huh, so dangerous!


We were about to get back into the car when I saw another peacock in fan mode so I got her to pose for a picture.

Hahaha too bad we've only got the back view lol.

We got home and went about settling the two girls.

And here's the hubs pretending to let bubs2 punch his face, and bubs2 looking sceptical. 😅

While applying moisturizer on bubs1, I found splinters in her feet. 😯

She must gotten them while walking barefoot on the swimming deck.

Distracted her with videos while we tried to remove the splinters, but out of reflex she would flex or retract her toes.

The hubs managed to remove some but couldn't get the rest off so we let her take her nap first.

I continued after she woke up, and she was squirming a lot because I was trying to pick the splinters out using a nail clipper.

In a very small voice sounding like she was about to cry, she said to me, "Mummy, I know you are trying to do my feet.. but can you please be more gentle?"

"Do", I supposed she meant whatever I was trying to do. 😅

I was surprised by what she said.

It must have taken a lot of restraint for her not to whine or cry or kick my hand away, which would have been totally understandable because it is a little painful to get your skin pricked like this.

I realised she was probably saying this because I'm always telling her, "I know you are tired, but can you please don't whine / throw tantrums / roll your eyes like that?"

It doesn't always work, but I guess she is getting it.

So proud of her. 😀

We were back to regular programming that night.

Dinner was our favorite Hokkien mee from Bedok camp hawker centre, finished off with sugar cane juice. 😋

We wished each other happy anniversary at 2330, after I was done pumping and washing up and before saying good night while I did the last feed for the day.

(Hahaha which is why I have to turn back the clock to write this today, because there was simply no time yesterday, and I didn't want to write a half-a***** entry. 😅)

I've been writing in my head all these time, but didn't have time to put it down in real words.

It is quite a cliche, but time really flies.

8 years of #marriedlife!

I started thinking back on our anniversaries, and it is not difficult to see how much we have changed and evolved.

It's also a good trip down memory lane, haha, and the moral of the story I've gathered so far is that at most points in time we'd probably only remember the first anniversary and the one just the year before. 😅

Hahahaha from the picture quality, you can easily tell that this was a time when phone cameras were still the 1.3 megapixels kind. 😅

Our first anniversary was right smacked in the middle of a long business trip where I was supposed to do Korea-Taiwan-Japan in 2 weeks.

So for the first time ever, the hubs joined me on my business trip!

We went to Seoul first.
It was his first time there so he roamed around on his own while I worked during the day.
Thus began our love for this city.

We celebrated with drinks at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel sky bar on the 22nd, and flew off to Taipei on the 23rd.

Had dinner at DTF lol which we have so often now because bubs1 loves the fried rice.

I remember feeling quite upset with the hubs, because I'd prepared (what I thought was) a nice and meaningful anniversary gift – a pair of cufflinks with 12 raised tiles, i.e. 12 months of married life – but he gave me 2 boxes of Estee lauder eye cream, bought randomly at Changi airport duty free shop. 😅

It wasn't the value of the gift that I minded, but the (lack of) thought that went behind it.

I wasn't even intending to buy eye cream?

I was still working on skincare back then, and so it was really just a store check to me.

I used the eye cream and I think I've kept the 2 boxes (Because it was a twin pack 😂) for a long time. They might still be sitting somewhere in my dressing table drawer.

We talked about it.

I was upset because I wanted our first anniversary to be special, but he was so nonchalant about it.

And I'm not even the XX-zilla kind of girl. 😂

He explained that he thought traveling together across 2 cities was special enough and that to him, the experience is more important than the gift.

We agreed to disagree then, because I thought both putting effort behind getting a gift *and* spending time together are equally important.

A gift is something we'll keep for a long time, I said.

But memories also, he said.

It turns out that we are both right.

Because 7 years later, I remember both.

The 2 jars of eye cream, and him in Seoul for the first time, wrapping himself up as he braced for the cold winter wind that greeted him the moment we stepped out of the airport, and him strutting down the streets in what he self-proclaimed to be the Gu Jun Pyo coat. 🤣

👆 Gu Jun Pyo and his coat. 😂

It's been quite an uphill task trying to look for photos we took before 2013.

This was after some searching on Facebook.

Our second anniversary was on Chinese New Year, back in those days when I still referred to CNY as boot camps.

We went back to Fort Canning where we got married at for a staycation a week before and jetted off to Krabi a week after.

We probably took photos at Fort Canning but I can't find them. 😂

Our 3rd anniversary was spent in Sentosa!

I believe it was our first time staying at Larkhill Terrace and our first time visiting the S.E.A. aquarium.

Apparently we exchanged gifts but I can't quite remember what we got. 😅😂

Before kids! Lol.

We went to a hipster cafe (don't remember the name 😅) and stayed over at Naumi Hotel.

First anniversary after one baby! 😆

My mum helped to look after a flabbergasted Clarissa (What, you going out without me?) while we went on a date to PS cafe, pumped in a nursing room for the first time, bought a new pump at a mother's fair and went home to a surprise! Got present from the hubs lol.

Brought Clarissa to the botanical gardens for the first time.

She was still learning to walk! 😊

Very back breaking business lol but she was so delighted exploring a new place.

Road trip and farm stay in Perth/Margaret River!

One of the best family vacations we've had so far.

Hipster cafe for brunch and Squid Lips for dinner. 😁

8 years and 2 kids later.

Bottom right picture featuring my jump shot with bubs and the hubs' fingers.

Oh, and two pieces of leaves because old people now need to be covered up for modesty. 😂

Happy 8th Anniversary!

I'm not going to gush or go on and on about what a great 8 years it has been or how I have the best husband in the world.

And it's not just because I'm not the gush-y kind of person.

It has been a good 8 years, with a few bad days here and there, because that's reality.

I'm looking forward to many more multiples of 8 years (8, because, huat ah!) with the hubs, the only person who can annoy me and make me laugh in the same vein.

The truth is, marriage and married life with kids is very, very hard work.

We might inevitably fall out of love at one point but we must always find our ways back to each other.

We have to be more conscious of our health and safety and well-being, because we not only have us but also our girls to take care of.

All these, while juggling the day to day work and life in general, is not easy.

We were very different people when we first started dating, and today we still are quite different.

It's beyond how I drink Coke zero and he drinks Coke regular, or how I prefer brown bread while he thinks it's awful and only goes for white bread.

Yet we complement each other in many ways, and where we can't, we compromise.

That day at the hotel, I saw my reflection in the mirror and realised that my body is so.. different now.

Very bruised boobs, mum-tum, wobbly bits and all. 😂

Rationally I know I'm more than what my body looks like now. I'm not an Instagram hot mama type, and I'm ok with that.

But still I felt a little bad because wow, reality.

I have to acknowledge and accept the fact that I'm no longer young, I have a mum-bod.. and I'm going to continue ageing.

There is a season for different things and a hot bod is not one of them this season, and most likely not ever. 😅
But a healthy bod, yes please!

I told the hubs about what I saw in the mirror, not expecting him to sugar coat or anything and he really simply said, yah I know and it's ok.

Hahahaha really no shit, i mean, sweet nothings like "you still look beautiful to me".

And it's ok, I'll take it because it's the truth and he knows I can handle it.

Hot bod or not, ageing or not, what matters most now is how we take care of ourselves and our relationship even as we take care of our girls and our family.

Let's do this together! 💪💪

And here's to more adventures and more good years ahead! 🥂