Of new routines, 12 weeks and a play date

Hopefully a new weekend routine we can keep?

I was at the playground and exercise/gym area with the little boss while the hubs jogged.

I was originally thinking of jogging too, but aye, too tired today.

I was up at 330am because Allie made a sound (but thank goodness she went back to sleep), and then at 430am to pump. Waited for her to stir, and fed her at 550am. Barely dozed off when Clarissa came into the room at 640am.

So off we went to the park, at around 8am!

Did some exercises at the gym area.

Haha we both did.

I tried to do some stretching too.

I usually prefer to exercise in the evening, because I'd be too hungry and sleepy in the morning to do anything. 😂

I've learned in one of my companies' fitness talks that it is in fact better to exercise in the morning before breakfast because you tend to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

And that's because there is no prior food intake for your body to burn yet.

Not sure how true this is. Anyway I continued to exercise in the evenings after work. 😂

But now I guess if I were to start exercising again it'd have to be in the morning or during lunch time, especially when I return to work.

That would require lots of discipline and determination. 😅

For the sake of health, I think I should start somewhere?

Meimei woke up after we were done with breakfast.

They chitchatted for a while and played peekaboo lol.

12 weeks young!

Our helper made chicken rice for dinner tonight upon the hubs' request, because his friends are coming.

Super legit please.


The confinement lady made it once and taught her how to do it.

But she does it better, and keeps getting better at it!

All wiped out. 😉

The girls also cooked dinner after we finished the chicken rice. 😆

There was dessert too.

They were playing with each other and having quite proper conversations.

The little boss was, well, quite bossy.

"You have to eat properly, so you can grow taller and taller like my Daddy," she said to J Meimei when she wasn't interested in eating her dinner.

Or, when her Daddy took over to feed her but she continued to play, the little boss said to her, "Hey your daddy is trying to feed you, you know?"


But they were playing quite nicely together, bathing ducks and doing body checkups for them and all.

And then Clarissa said, "I want to play with the ice cream San-yi bought!"

The two girls took turns using the scoop, until J Meimei declared that she's bringing the ice cream home because it's hers. 😂

Clarissa got upset and came to me, nearly tearing up.

"J Meimei says she's bringing my ice cream home but it's not hers, it's mine!"

When it was time for our friends to leave, the two girls refused to say goodbye to each other. 😂😂

Later on, we got a voice message from J Meimei inviting Clarissa over to her place for a play date.

While Clarissa told me during our chitchat that she was upset today because J Meimei wanted to bring her toy home. 😂

I explained to her that it must be because J Meimei liked the ice cream toy very much to say she wants to bring it home.

"And she's smaller right?" She rounded up my explanation comparing J Meimei to her older brother who didn't say he wanted to bring her toys home. 😆

So I guess.. They are still friends! 🤣