Of naps, see-saw tips and a naggy little boss

And now Allie woke up 2 hours earlier than usual and couldn't settle herself back to sleep.

Fussed and cried.

Why, universe, why. 😭

Oh man, I hope this is just one-off.

She woke up at 830am, which is not too shabby.

I went back to sleep after Clarissa and the hubs left for school and work, and woke up at 9am.

Still hoping it's one-off though.

This week is leap week!

Hmm just saw a Dayrean's announcement about leaving this platform.

She left behind some tips on how she backed up her posts.

I guess I shall add this to my personal projects / to-do list before I return to work.

More than 36 months of entries to back up!

Tummy time photo of the day.

Her naps are still short, but 45 minutes is better than 30 minutes is better than 15 minutes.

We will get there.

We had a few successful nap days where she did more than an hour, and once even 2 hours.

I've tried to replicate the conditions to get those good nap days, which I can count with my fingers on just one hand, but I guess the only thing that's predictable about babies is their unpredictability.

So now I'm just approaching her naps methodologically after reading up on expert recommendations.

For example, making her nap at the right times, no more than 90 minutes of awake time (the duration for her current age) so she does not get over tired, making the room dim enough, white noise, etc.

I'd say it's getting better, because at least those witching hours are getting shorter and the 原ζ₯δ½ δ»€δΉˆιƒ½δΈζƒ³θ¦ times are getting less frequent.

Presumably because she's less over-tired?

Hopefully by the time I return to work we can have some kind of structure.

What made her happy today: "Mummy brought me to the playground, I'm so happy."

She requested to go and I said ok because Meimei was napping when I left the house to pick her up.

But 5 minutes after she started running around, I checked the CCTV and saw that Meimei had woken up so I told her we had to head back in 20 minutes. πŸ˜…

We met a boy who wanted to play with her. He's taller than her so I think he must be at least 4 years old.

She ran away whenever he approached, but was ok when she sat on the seesaw and he joined her by sitting on the other end.

To my surprise, the seesaw did not tip towards him and Clarissa remained sitting at the bottom even though she tried to kick the ground to lift herself up.

Without thinking, I said to her, "Wah Clarissa you so heavy?"

And immediately felt bad about it because the boy's mummy might mind what I said, that her boy is probably older, but is lighter?

She had to press down on the seat her boy was on repeatedly so the kids could take turns going up and down.

I should have been more sensitive. 😯

The hubs was still in office at bedtime so he video-called us instead.. And the little boss went on to nag at her Daddy for a good 3 minutes.

"It's going to rain soon you know? You better hurry up and come home. It's so dark already you are still at MBFC. The cloud is going to rain soon. You better hurry up and go to the carpark now. Ok?"


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