Of a happy baby and a little auntie

These (week)days, I'd usually go back to bed after the hubs and bubs1 leave the house, and get another 1-1.5hrs nap.. and bubs2 would wake up at about the same time.

She'd be talking and chuckling to her animal friends / herself, and once she sees me she'd break out into a very bright smile and start talking to me and moving nonstop.

It's really one of the best things to wake up to. 😁

So I sent the picture to the hubs, you know, to share my joy, and he replied:

Lol the position of the elephant.

I looked at the picture again, but focused on the elephant on top.

Did not find anything amiss or funny.

Until I saw *the other* elephant.



The things men notice. πŸ™„

Eeyer Daddy, why you so cheeky.

So happy!

This is a blanket for the tummy ok? πŸ˜…

#jailbreak of the week.

I've been having this dull headache for the past few days and I think it's because of the strain in my neck and shoulders.

Came out to get a back and foot massage.

Walked around and settled sis#5's birthday present! Lucky day.

Her birthday falls on the 2nd day of CNY this year.

I like shopping for birthday presents but I don't always have time to pick or find something nice.. so I usually give angbaos to my sisters. More practical than a not-so-good present?

We won't be celebrating or giving out angbaos this CNY due to Ah ma's passing last year.

In our first two, maybe three, years of marriage I wasn't used to the big family celebration type of CNY. I found it very tiring.

陀倕: ζ‹œζ‹œ and prepare dinner
εˆδΈ€: Prepare steamboat for guests. Fry lots of 五香. It's usually 2-3pm by the time we get to eat. And then we will head over to my parents' place.
初二: Wake up at 5-6am to drive into Malaysia.
初九: ζ‹œε€©ε…¬.

But as the years went by, it not only got easier but also somewhat enjoyable?

I say *somewhat*, because it's still tiring. But it's nice to immerse in all the laughter and loud chatter.

Some traditions are good to keep, and Chinese New Year is definitely one of them.

This morning, bubs1 passed me the Boogie board and asked me to write out all our names, in this order.

And then she sat at the table reciting each letter that forms each name while waiting for her Daddy to get changed.

It's kinda adorable.

Ever since she learned how to spell her name, she has been interested in spelling? Lol. She would ask me how to spell all the random things she thinks of.

I think she knows most of the letters already?

The other day, she was sitting behind her Daddy, and spelt out A-R-M-Y perfectly, as written on the back of the singlet he was wearing.

And her Daddy turned to look at me incredulously, "Did she just spell ARMY?" πŸ˜†

(Sorry if we sounded suaku about this, but I think we only learnt spelling when we were 5? Or 7?)

I assume she's doing well in school.

Everyday she comes home singing different songs, in English, in Chinese and she tries to teach me how to sing.

I'm happy she enjoys singing!

We have a tea session this coming Saturday in her school to learn more about her curriculum this year.

Can't wait to find out more.

I'm thinking of coming up with a rough schedule of activities to occupy her with when she comes home from school.

Not "school work", but more of fun stuff she can do on her own, especially when I return to work.

Less stressful for the helper too, if there is something for her to do in that 1-1.5hrs before dinner.

Jiejie getting her 30 minutes of Peppa pig while Meimei was unimpressed.

Out of her 4 naps today, only one was good. 😩

She simply couldn't nap properly after 4pm, because of the thunder and perhaps other unknown reasons. She seemed to be waiting for milk, but she couldn't finish the bottle either.

Overtired again.

Today, this girl is 3 years and 3 months young, exactly.

This was her holding on to a tiny piece of oreo cookie.

My dad gave her a pack earlier and she wanted to have the cookies after dinner. She wanted two pieces but I only allowed her to have one.

So she ate it happily, until this last tiny piece which she held in her hand for at least 10 minutes.

We asked her to finish it but she couldn't bear to? Lol. So I took a picture.

Told her the cookie would get wet and become inedible in the shower.

She quickly finished it. πŸ˜‚

She's becoming a little auntie!

We were watching the 730pm show, and there was this scene where a man was asking his mum why she forced his wife to leave.

This little auntie shook her head and commented, "This Ah ma huh, so naughty to the 老板!"

Hahahahaha omg.
People in this drama usually call the man "老板".

It's not something to be proud of, and many mums or parents would probably judge me for letting her watching a channel 8 drama serial. πŸ™„

We do limit her screen time, and she's very good with keeping to it.
No more than 30 minutes a day of either Peppa pig or 2 YouTube videos, and yes she gets 30 minutes of this 730pm channel 8 show every weekday if she finishes her dinner.

Her Chinese is improving, but most of the time she sounds like a foreigner speaking Chinese, and her vocabulary is definitely not as extensive as that of her English.

Sometimes she doesn't even seem to be watching the show, because she'd be busy playing while the TV is on.

Yet she actually remembers some of the characters' names and even knows what's going on?

There was once she suddenly blurted, "Yalong likes Jidanhua but Jidanhua likes Xu Tao!"

Oh yes it's a love triangle. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Like I said it's not something to be proud of, but maybe it counts as some sort of a milestone, i.e. understanding what's going on in a channel 8 drama? #overoptimistic

The topic on screen time will always be controversial. I simply believe in moderation.

In fact I grew up doing homework and studying in front of the TV, with the TV on. Hahaha not saying it's a good thing, of course. But I'd like to think I grew up ok?

Though I definitely won't let the girls do the same. πŸ˜‚

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