3 days of Lunar New Year

Let's start from 初一 !


CNY milestone collage.

I took last year's collage and added this year's photo. 😆

Hahaha The One after 20 shots.

Helping herself to the new year goodies.

Looking all dainty and girly here in the photo taken by her San-yi.

But just a few minutes ago we were laughing at how she was sitting with one leg propped up while munching on the egg roll.

Yep, while wearing a cheongsam. 😂🤣


Baby must be thinking, why is everyone asking me to smile?

My family!

We celebrated sis#5's birthday.

Whose birthday again? 🤣


Every year we drive into Pontian to pay respect to the hubs' maternal grandparents, as well as to celebrate the new year with his relatives.

So even though we are not celebrating CNY this year we drove in nevertheless.

We left the house at 8ish in the morning but only set off close to 9am because we had to turn back.

Lol we forgot the diaper bag?

I thought the hubs took it and the hubs thought I took it.

It had Clarissa's snacks and water and milk and all the wipes in it so we had to go back for it.

The good thing was that we'd made a stop at the nearby petrol kiosk for coffee and had just entered the expressway when we realised neither of us took the bag.

So we weren't too far from home. 😅

By the time we got to the causeway, there was a slight congestion.

The bag came in very handy because the little boss said, "Mummy, I thought you said I can have some snacks. But why I haven't eat any snacks yet huh?" 😂

So she had cornflakes while we queued to enter Malaysia.

🙎: Mummy, I thought we are going to Malaysia? Why are we not in Malaysia huh?

👧: Because there is a long queue. We have to wait.

🙎: Why is there a long queue huh?

👧: Because there are so many cars.

🙎: Why are there so many cars?

👧: Because there are so many people who want to go into Malaysia.

🙎: Why so many people want to go Malaysia?

👧: (Tired 😂) Hmm. Why do you think so?

🙎: Because they like Malaysia?


👧: Yes, I think you are right.


She was a very good sport in the car, either snacking or singing or rapping softly to herself.

Occasionally she'd talk to us.

Pointing at me, she'd say, "This is Daddy's wife."

And then she'd point at herself, "This is Daddy's daughter."

"And this is Daddy's own self!" She'd conclude, pointing at her Daddy.

Watching the louhei.

She took a very long time to warm up though. 😂

This was after, probably, an hour. Or more.

Started with playing with the little red car, and then the hubs' cousin drove out to get 2 rubber balls for the kids.

And literally started the ball rolling. 😆

We started out drive back after lunch.

The little boss asked for milk and fell asleep with her half-finished bottle kiaped between her legs.

She woke up when we stopped at the petrol kiosk.

Gave her a small packet of snacks while we quickly finished the $4.50-Ringgit Magnum the hubs bought. She asked me what Daddy was eating (she couldn't see me from behind) and I told her he was having chocolate. 😂

The queue at both sides of immigration was horrendous.

But this little trooper was her usual self, singing, talking and asking questions.

Until the final stretch after we passed immigration.

She started asking us lots of questions which revolved around – "Why so long we haven't reached home huh?" 😂

Every. 2. Minutes.

She wasn't whining or anything. More of tired and a little restless.

"10 more minutes, ok?" Daddy tried to assure her.

"One, two, three.." She started counting to 10. 😂

"Erm it's 10 minutes, not 10 seconds my dear," Daddy said to her.

"You need to count to 600, my dear," I quipped. 🤣

"Eleven, twelve, thirteen.." She continued counting to 20. "Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.."

It was the first time she counted beyond 20!

But after "twenty-nine", she continued:

Twenty-ten, twenty-eleven, twenty-twelve..



Yep and this year's twenty-eighteen.

"Okok, we are in XX (where we live) already!" Daddy was updating her.

"We are in XX but we are not home yet," she sounded disappointed. 😂

"Turning in, turning in! 2 minutes!" Daddy said to her.

"Why so long to reach home? I painted!" She said, and suddenly turned her head to one side, closing her eyes and pretending to faint.


For the longest time, she's been pronouncing "faint" as "paint". Hahahaha. I didn't catch it until sis#4 pointed it out.

Since then I've been trying to correct her, but she still says "painted" and "parted". 😂😂😂

Which is both hilarious and cute.

We could not stop laughing at how she pretended to "paint".

So entertaining lol.

We finally got home after more than 3 hours on the road. 😅😬

Saw Meimei for the first time since 6am in the morning.

Our helper had changed her into the Chelsea romper, seeing that we went out in Chelsea t-shirts.

She very nicely helped to take a family photo for us!

Which was really not easy, because Jiejie was already slightly crazed from the 3+ hours in the car and Meimei wanted to drink milk?

This is the best of 38 shots? Hahahaha.

We also got photos like this.

Or this.

Hahahaha little miss grumps!

15 weeks young!

I have no words.

So here's a collage of 1/3 of the photos we took. 🤣

I did not set out to buy family t-shirts/romper.

But the hubs bought two jerseys from the outlet store and I thought it would be quite cute for the girls to match with their Daddy so I hunted online for kids' jerseys.

Not the original ones though. 😅

Notice that Clarissa's was Nike instead of adidas? Lol. I only realised after the fact, because pregnant brain.

And then the hubs bought one for me the following week.

So yep our family matchy matchy jersey. 😀

(And no, I'm not a Chelsea fan. Nor do I watch soccer. 😂)

I was so exhausted after making Clarissa sleep I painted in bed. 😂

Until 1230am, when the hubs woke me up because I had to pump.

He'd already fed the baby and was still going strong watching movies on the free channels. 👍💪

And this is both of us today. 😂😂

Trouble started in the morning. I dropped my phone, picked it up and realised the screen had cracked. 😭

I was trying to get Clarissa to go to the living room for breakfast while carrying the baby and getting out of the bed. I forgot I had the phone beside me, and when it fell it hit the bedside table instead of going straight onto the floor. 😭😭

I told the hubs about it and he said, So are you blaming me for passing the baby to you?

I was like, No?

It didn't cross my mind at all.

I was just feeling sian about a cracked screen on 大年初三. 😢😢

I didn't know how he even got to the conclusion? He was out getting breakfast when I dropped my phone? How did the leap happen?

I told him I wasn't looking to start a fight and that I was merely telling him I dropped the phone?

Thankfully he quickly backed off and tried to console me about it later on.

The good news is that the cracks are mostly on the side of the phone, although there is a faint lone across the screen.

The bad news is that I can only recontract in June, unless I pay an extra $200 to recontract earlier.

I'm not willing to pay $200 to lock myself in another contract? Don't even understand why I need to pay so much to recontract earlier zzz.

But I'm not sure if I can live with the cracks until June. 😂

I think it will become worse if I drop the phone again.. which is very likely with my absentmindedness in general.

I think replacing the screen costs around $200 too, based on a quick research.

But at least I get a new screen for $200? As compared to getting.. nothing to recontract? 😂


I'm leaning towards getting it repaired so I can use this phone for a longer time.

Today is also bad parenting day. 😅😂

Because there were way too many movies on cable.

It started with Boss Baby, and continued with Frozen.

And the girls were glued to the TV.

Wanted to go swimming initially but Jiejie was still sporting a runny nose.

Disclaimer: This little starfish didn't watch for very long.

But her sister did.

It was followed with tantrums at lunch, tantrums after lunch and crazy crying after we got home.

She was over tired. Cried and cried when I showered her, like I was scalding her with hot water (I was not).

Thankfully she woke up from her nap and was reset to normal-crazy mode. 😂

Finding Dory after dinner. 😂😂

Bedtime chitchat.

What made her upset today: Mummy pressed the lift button and didn't let me press. (YEP and this was what the tantrums after lunch was all about.)

What made her happy today: Mummy was so patient when you showered for me when I cry cry cry. 😂

Ok I'm glad you didn't say: I watched so many movies today!

But am I the only person who's glad it's Monday tomorrow? 😅😅

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