So I dragged my wobbly bits out for a run this morning.

After the hubs and bubs1 left for work and school, before bubs2 woke up with her signature bright smile.

I did 6 rounds, and it was good.

I’m beginning to appreciate running a lot more than I used to, as a kid.

Who was overweight most of the time and could barely pass the fitness test’s passing mark of 18 minutes to complete 2.4km. 😂

When I picked up running some years back, I started timing myself and got to a point where I could run 2.4km in under 17 minutes, comfortably.

Of course this is still *SLOW* lol but still, the point is I ran faster than I did, at almost twice my age. 🤣

But it became less fun, because I was checking my watch every 10 seconds to see if I have kept to the timing.

Would I finish faster, or slower?
Why are my legs so stiff today?
Do I feel a tummy ache coming?

So I ditched the watch and stopped timing myself altogether.

Jogging became a simple exercise, and a bit of me-time for me to plug in to music, and to think.

About everything, and nothing in particular.

Interestingly I felt more in control without the stopwatch than I did with one.

It is as difficult to start a new habit as it is to get rid of an old one.

I’m not sure if I can keep doing this morning jogging routine, just like I’m not sure when I can stop clicking into Dayre to start rambling on. And on.

I’m trying to find a good day/date to stop.

Even though it’s really just 6 days to the end of the month.

I spent a good half of yesterday cleaning up my old WordPress account.

I started “blogging” in my final semester in university, with a group of friends whom I call “bloggies” even until today.

We shared about our lives and musings through our blogs, and continued staying in touch even after most of us stopped writing.

I was on LiveJournal, followed by Blogdrive. I eventually started on WordPress in 2007.

I wrote about everything.

Work woes.
Holidays with my ex-boyfriend, now-husband.
How he proposed. (It was hilarious. We are always funny. 😂🤣)
Our pre wedding photo shoot.
Trouble with my father-in-law.
Our wedding.
More work woes.
Nasty people.
Good people.
Funny shit.
Sad shit.
Crazy shit.
My spectacular falls.
What I’d watched.
Or read.
Or heard.
Married life.
And more work woes.

In a sense, I was doing #dayrebrides and #dayrehomes lol, though it’s a far cry from what I’ve read here on Dayre.

I don’t remember anything about the decorations on my wedding day, for one. 😂

I’ve set most of the ranting posts about work to Private, because you’d never know who’s reading what. Even though it was written 10 years ago.

More than 90% of the photos I posted on WordPress are gone, because they used to be hosted by photobucket.
And what’s photobucket again? 😅😂

But I remember what I wrote and how I felt.. I guess that’s all that matters.

With Dayre however, I felt the need to back up and save everything.

The words, the feelings, the photos.

Maybe it’s motherhood.
Maybe it’s age.

Or maybe I’ve always been sentimental without realising it.

I guess Dayre represents a new, and very very different, phase in my life.

Becoming a mother of one, and now, two.
Having an overdrive of thoughts all day everyday, and the need to dump some thoughts somewhere, somehow.
The need to remember something the girls did or said, because, kids. They grow up too fast.
Having something to read while up in the middle the night – feeding, pumping, insomnia – and knowing I’m not alone.

Watching cute #dayrekids eat up a storm.
Shopping, living and eating vicariously through #buybuybuy, #dayretravel and #dayrefoodies.
Learning from life stories.
Staying in touch with my sisters (Of course we will always have WhatsApp).
An avenue for the hubs to read about his daughters’ funny antics.
Learning from fellow mums.
Getting the assurance, reassurance, encouragement and support from my virtual and nonvirtual friends, #dayremummies.
It’s not the app, but the experience, the memories, and the people, which would make me miss this space.

My dumping ground.
My comfort zone.
My memory drive.

It’s been an amazing 3.5 years. 😀

2 thoughts on “Onward”

  1. omg wee! I have all your blogs addresses on an aggregator and I suddenly see that weeirdism is updated!! always love your posts, and yes we are still bloggies LOL


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