Happy weekend!

Despite having to solo-parent for most parts of today, because the hubs has taken leave to play mahjong. 😂

The girls and their ducks

This has to be one of my favorite photo of the two girls to date, on top of the ones we took of their very first meeting.

What are the chances, both of them smiling AND looking at the camera at the same time? 😁

Also, Meimei was happily leaning on Jiejie while Jiejie did her best to support Meimei with her shoulder. 😘😘

She also made Meimei hold Papa duck lol. 😆

Hello, Uncle

Brought the big little boss out to run errands and get lunch, and we bumped into our neighbour’s son at the lift.

She mostly sees only our neighbour and his wife – a sweet elderly couple – and would always greet them when she sees them near our door.

She’s not met their son (I assume he’s the son) before.

And henceforth I had one of those “oh gosh so embarrassing” moments as a parent.

👶: Mummy, who is this? (Pointing at neighbour’s son)

👩: (Kept a straight face) This is our neighbour.

👶: (Looked puzzled and like she was about to ask or say something embarrassing)

👩: (Quickly added) Say hello to uncle!

👶: Hello uncle!

Mr. Neighbour said hello, a little awkwardly.

👶: (Continued talking to her new friend) We are going downstairs! We are going to buy charsiew rice for lunch. It’s my favourite charsiew rice you know?

Mr. Neighbour smiled politely and said something along the lines of “Oh that’s good” while I tried to find a hole to hide and wished that the lift would come sooner.

The lift came, and it was the wrong wish. Because she continued talking to him.

👶: Uncle, where are you going?

👩: (Awkwardly) Erm, I’m going out.

👶: Who said you can go out?

Oh. My. Oh. My.

Hahaha that was the same question she asked her Daddy when he told her he was going out.

I quickly rounded up the conversation by saying oh it’s Saturday and of course everyone including uncle can go out. Asked her to say byebye to uncle once the lift reached the ground floor. 😂😂

I might have mummy-goggles, I think my kids are cute, but I’m not one who’d force the same opinion on others. Afterall not everyone likes kids?

I hope Mr. Neighbour was at least mildly amused. 😅

Along the way, she said hello and good afternoon to the cleaner, a construction worker and an auntie riding a bicycle.

On our way back to the lift, she saw another construction worker standing on the ladder trying to fix some cables.

“Mummy, you see! Uncle climbing up the ladder! It’s so dangerous!” She exclaimed, more loudly than I’d have liked.

The construction worker heard her and turned to look at us, but before I could say anything, she continued, “Hello Uncle! You be careful ok? Bye!”

He smiled and waved at her.

I hope that brightened up his day a little.

I felt less embarrassed, and found myself thinking,

How amazing!

This girl, our little girl, who had stranger anxiety at merely four months young is turning four this year, a friendly four. 😀

The phone call

In the midst of settling the big girl’s lunch and attending to the small girl’s gibberish chatter, my phone rang.

I recognised the number to be from Dr Tham’s clinic.

“Hello, your test result is out. It is… range,” a voice said.

I couldn’t hear her clearly.

“Sorry, my results are what range?” I asked, cautiously.

“It is in the normal range,” she repeated.

I started breathing again.

I recognised her voice.

She was the nurse who drew my blood yesterday for the test. She was the nurse who told us, very patiently, three times, that the results would be out by Monday or Tuesday and that they would call me.

Three times, because the hubs asked twice and I asked once.

“The doctor hasn’t seen the report yet but I thought I should call you first. If not you buay jiak buay koon the whole weekend!” She said.

I thanked her profusely.

“No problem, I know you very worried! Keep asking me when the results are out!” She made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For the reassurance, for remembering, and for going the extra mile.

It’s lovely to meet kind people like you. 😊

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