Story-telling with the little boss

Bonding over The Princess and the Pea last night 😀

Studies have shown that children benefit more when their fathers read the bedtime stories to them.

And I quote another article I’ve read:

Mothers often focus on the characters’ feelings whilst dads will link the narrative to something more pertinent to the child. This challenges the children cognitively in different ways.

So it’s great that the hubs reads to bubs1 whenever he can.

He’s definitely more animated than I am, using different voices for different characters, making it more fun and entertaining.

The little boss found it amusing at first, when her Daddy spoke in a dainty female voice for Peg in the story.

But as more and more characters came into the story, Daddy came up with more voices and even accents – ranging from Hongkong to India. 😂

She became a little confused.

So she frowned a little and said to her Daddy softly:

“Daddy, I don’t like this voice. Can you please change?”


To be fair she was also quite tired by the time we read the story so she probably wasn’t able to keep up with all the changes and accents.

Still, 100% for the effort!

I had a good laugh watching them. 😁

I’m glad we started and stuck to this fixed routine of reading a story, sometimes two, before bedtime.

It’s interesting talking to her about the stories and seeing how she interprets them.

Sometimes she tells me about which character she’d like to be, and to my surprise it is usually not the lead character.

In Princess and the Pea, she wanted to be the Prince. In the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel, she said she was the witch. 😂

I’m not sure if this is merely her toddler logic, or if there is a deeper meaning to her choices.

Perhaps, being a damsel in distress just seems so.. yesterday. #girlpower

So this is refreshing.

Similar to how, at 2.5 years old, she walked into the Hello Kitty Land gift shop and picked.. A car.

I love it.

Likewise, after watching Frozen (and making me tell her the story every now and then) she told me she would be Princess Anna.

I thought most kids would choose to be Elsa, simply because she’s the one with such cool special powers (haha pun intended).

“Why not Princess Elsa?” I asked her.

“Because I don’t want special powers.”

She’d told me in her matter-of-fact, three-turning-thirty tone.

“Mummy, you be Princess Elsa ok? I am Princess Anna. Just a normal and sweet girl.”

It seems like 3 isn’t too young an age to understand, that with great powers come great responsibility. 😂

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