Stuck in a flu rut

It’s mid week already and I’m feeling all sorts of unaccomplished.

Didn’t write much, didn’t read much, didn’t do much.

Didn’t get to jog at all.

I caught the flu bug from Clarissa and felt my throat swelling up and nose getting blocked on Saturday night.

The hubs did the 5am feed and had a headache throughout Sunday.. which eventually became a blocked nose.

Our helper was off on Sunday so we cancelled all plans except for Clarissa’s swimming lesson.

I was feeling better yesterday, though I still had a slight sore throat and runny nose.

Got the hubs to rest early and did both the 12am and 5am feeds.. but for two nights in a row now, Allie didn’t sleep well.

Last night was worse because she fussed from 2ish am to 3ish.. there was wind in her tummy so she kept farting and crying after she farted. Her nose also sounded a little congested, oh dear.

I rocked her until I felt dizzy, but she just couldn’t settle.

Eventually put her into the sarong, where she continued tossing and turning.. But thankfully fell asleep.

I turned off the a.c. and suddenly the sound of the fans felt so loud and jarring I felt semi conscious even though my eyes were closed.

She stirred once, I rocked her.. and the next time she stirred it was nearly 630am.

It felt like I haven’t slept at all.

I got up to make milk for her. She drank and dozed off and refused to drink more after the 40ml mark.

I tried to make her sleep again but it was difficult because Clarissa was up and she came into the room every time Allie had just dozed off. 😂

She eventually nodded off to sleep and I went out to attend to Clarissa, and saw that her left upper eyelid was swollen.

It looked like a stye but she was otherwise chirpy and told me she was going to learn a new song in school today.

Allie woke up to join in the morning fun.. and I was too exhausted to even try making her sleep again.

I went back to sleep after the hubs and bubs1 left, but it was all wasted because all I did was one helluva long dream about being haunted.

It feels like it’s going to be a long but unproductive week.

I hope Allie’s nose clears soon. Despite asking Clarissa to stay away and to cover her mouth when she coughs (which she tried her best to), I guess it’s inevitable that the flu bug would spread.

Afterall I couldn’t stop carrying or taking care of the baby just because I have flu.

Life still goes on, and unfortunately so does the virus.

Play gym reopened!

I did manage to set up the play gym for Allie yesterday, and she loves it.

Blurred picture because I was laughing while trying to take a photo.

She suddenly gave a very loud and distressed shout in the midst of playing.

I jumped up to check on her and realised it was because she was pulling her own hair so hard it hurt.


She’s been flipping a lot in the play pen/gym!

But she doesn’t always know how to flip back onto her back.

So she’d keep flapping her arms and call for help and I’d show her how to flip back. 😅

Jiejie had a blast yesterday evening with her Auntie O. The look of surprise on her face yesterday when she saw Auntie O standing with me waiting for the school bus to stop was priceless. She was even more delighted when she saw that we’d brought along her scooter.

Poor Auntie O went through some really tough interval training though. 😅

The most heartwarming moment was when the little one sat herself down on the stone bench to catch her breath and to drink water, and she patted the space beside her to ask Auntie O to sit beside her and got her to drink water too.

Like BFFs. 😄

Thankful for the little break!

Now let’s hope the rest of the week gets better. 🤞🤞

Coincidentally I read this report this morning and realised I checked all the boxes in the lower SES definition, including yesterday’s “playing in the void deck”. 😂

Not offended, because the author(s) probably did try to use a caveat (like, “could include the following”) but still, the lack of sense (and common sense) is a little appalling.

Afterall, Singaporeans are homogeneous in many ways and “class” or “status” in many instances lie in the aura, the way one carries him/herself in different settings, and not in check boxes of behavioural traits that lack context.

I don’t aspire (myself, or our kids) to belong to the “High SES” group, thanks.

I think there is no superior or inferior language, as long as they are used appropriately, in the right context, in the right circumstances, and they help you express yourself in the best possible and relatable way.

I’m ok with Clarissa speaking Singlish at home, as long as she also knows the proper English or Chinese way of phrasing the same sentences, and when to use them.

I believe in simple pleasures, whether it is playing in void decks or eating food from hawker centres.

I’d encourage Clarissa and Allie to take on holiday jobs when they are older, even if we can afford their school fees.

I gave tuition throughout my JC and university days and always took on part-time jobs during term breaks. My parents fully paid for my university school fees, but it didn’t mean I was entitled to it yeah? 🙄

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