4th month jabs

For the record @19w (vs. 9w)

Height: 63cm (58cm)
Weight: 7.2kg (5.8kg)

All at 90th percentile despite her milk strike. šŸ˜…

So I guess we can start solids a little later.

She took the rotavirus oral vaccine and 2 jabs today. Didn’t cry when the first jab went in, shouted and cried for maybe 10 seconds at the second jab.

Jiejie was watching and frowning like she was the one taking the jabs lol.

It was funny because Jiejie has been telling Meimei, a little gleefully, “Meimei you are going for injection on your bum bum!” while Meimei looked worried the entire morning and throughout the car ride to the PD. šŸ˜‚

Prior to the jabs, the PD checked on Jiejie. Her cold’s almost gone. The stye is the more serious kind that grows on the outside of the eyelid but fortunately it has already subsided.

Hope it goes away completely by Monday!

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