Weaning Allie

If I keep looking, would I get to taste Jiejie’s dinner?

Not the best photo, but this has been happening for some time now.

Every time we have dinner, this little baby would be staring at our food intently and swallowing her saliva. 🤣

No matter how we try to distract her, her eyes would always go back to the food on the table.

This, coupled with the ongoing milk strike, sped up my decision to start her on semi solids at <20 weeks young.

I bought the Hipp organic rice cereal from Redmart, specifically the HA version to minimise risk of allergies.

It’s simple to make!

For a start I added just a scope of rice cereal to 30ml of formula milk.

Getting ready! She was intrigued.. by the bib lol.

Jiejie wanted to feed her! So I let her. 😄

First attempt!

She was skeptical at first.

She even made a face when she tasted the rice cereal for the first time.

She looked like she didn’t enjoy it, but she actually closed her mouth and did this very cute nom-nom-nom thing to taste the food, and she swallowed it.

Omg this is good stuff.
Ooh not bad!

Subsequently she willingly opened her mouth whenever we offered her the spoon.

And she’d do a mini happy dance after tasting it.

Jiejie was so competent and focused.

And ate her own dinner very well after attempting to feed her Meimei. 😊

I tried again the next morning, this time just the two of us.

Lol her expressions.

She sits up quite well and is able to swallow the rice cereal.

I think she enjoys eating?

It’s a joy watching her eat. :)

I’m starting slow.

Just 1-2 teaspoons a day, taking just 15 minutes.

I’m planning to introduce new food every 4-5 days.

Hopefully with this new little adventure, we either whet her appetite to drink her milk more willingly or discover a healthy alternative to keep up with the required daily food intake.