Of birthdays and something powerful

Yesterday we celebrated 2 birthdays.

A belated one for Auntie O and an early one for Yaya.

Or actually.. I’m not quite sure. Because the happiest person probably wasn’t the birthday girl(s). 😆😆

The original plan was for Auntie O to come and scoot/play with Clarissa in the morning, and then I’d go for lunch with her and our friend. Clarissa would have lunch at home with Daddy, since we wanted to go for Korean food (=mostly spicy).

But when Clarissa heard the plan, she frowned at the part where Auntie O and I would leave for lunch.

“I want to go for lunch with Auntie O,” she said.

“Oh, but we are going to have spicy food. You don’t like spicy food right?” I said to her.

She nodded, “Yah I don’t like..” but immediately smiled and said, “Then I’ll just go and sit beside you lor?”


At this point, Daddy also chipped in. “Yah, how come I cannot go?” 😂

So yeah we all went out for lunch together after some scooting / playground time for the girls, and basketball for the man.

After lunch we picked up a birthday cake for our helper.

Clarissa saw a cake last week, and told me she wanted to get it for Yaya.

“Mummy, I want to get the rainbow cake with heart shape for Yaya!” She was so excited about it. 😆

Our helper’s birthday falls on a day when Clarissa and Daddy would still be in Taiwan so we decided to celebrate in advance.

“Clarissa, so later tonight we will give Yaya a surprise after dinner ok? Do you know what a surprise is?” I asked her while sharing the plan.

“Yes! We say ‘Surprise!’ like the surprise egg,” She answered excitedly.

Once we got home she immediately ran into the study room to look for Yaya and Meimei, which is what she always does when she gets home from school or after a day out with us. 😍

So I thought she was just going to say her usual “Hello I’m back!” greeting.


She declared happily..

..While I choked on my saliva. 😂

She even told me, “Mummy, later I want to take a nice photo with Yaya! And then I blow the candle with Yaya ok?”

So it was not a surprise. 😅

I got her to lead Yaya to the cake instead.

After we sang the birthday song, she realised Mama duck was missing so we had to get Mama duck in for the candle blowing and cake cutting. 😂

(And yes, Allie was definitely eyeing the cake. 🤣)

Well, I hope Yaya felt the love! 😊

I love the little funny moments reminding me that Clarissa is really just 3.5 years old.

We were driving home from my in-law’s place and I told her she must take a nap when we get home, even if she naps in the car.

“Or I can just take a POWERFUL nap! Like Meimei!”

She suggested.



Our helper and I always refer to the odd 6pm nap which Allie needs to take as her “power nap”, because it’s usually only for 30 minutes.

Well, it’s indeed quite powerful. 😆😄