The Little Boss goes on an adventure with Big Boss!

And so, today’s the day of father-daughter trip that they’ve both been looking forward to.

We decided to let Clarissa stay at home yesterday, so as to lower chances of her catching any virus from school.

She worked hard..

And played hard.

While I packed!

The two girls got to spend some time together!

Lol Jiejie was really reading to Meimei while Meimei was looking for something to put into her mouth.

She kept pinching Jiejie, and Jiejie did not retaliate.. but eventually she got a little frustrated and pretended to put Meimei’s hand into her mouth. 😂

Clarissa was probably feeling like she might really miss us when she’s in Taiwan?

She would randomly grab her Allie’s hand and kiss her hand gently, or suddenly run to Yaya and give her a back hug.

Or I’d be drying her with the towel after a shower, or reading to her, and she’d suddenly lean in and give me a kiss on my cheek. 😆

And then she would ask me loads of questions, like why I wasn’t going to Taiwan with them.

I explained that I did not have a ticket and so the officer would not let me in.

“What would the officer say to you, Mummy?” She asked.

“Hmm he’d say,” I deepened my voice to pretend to be an officer. “Sorry ma’am, you cannot go in. You don’t have a ticket!”

(I thought “ticket” was easier to explain as compared to a “boarding pass” lol.)

She was very tickled and intrigued by my explanation/impersonation.

“Then what would the officer say to me?” She went on asking.

“He would say, ‘Are you Clarissa? You have a ticket! You can go in now!'”

She was so happy and satisfied with my answer I had to keep on acting the entire scene out.

Because she went on to ask me what the officer would say to Daddy, and what he would say to Mummy, and what he would say to Clarissa, again and again and again.

At one point I also had to explain why one cannot go into the immigration area without a ticket, and she had this funny idea, “Mummy, why don’t you just try to go in without a ticket? You try lah!”


So.. I was totally pooped by the time both girls went to bed.

She woke up this morning, bright and chirpy.

“Today is Tuesday!” She said to me. “I’m going to Taiwan!”

Daddy jokingly told her he would be going to work.

She frowned and said, “Daddy is going to work. Mummy doesn’t have a ticket. Then who’s going to go to Taiwan with me?”


Anyway she helped Meimei with her shower and cleaning up before I helped her shower and got her changed for the airport.

Meimei was going to take her morning nap so Jiejie spent time with her taking wefies, hugging and kissing her. 😊

She even assured her, “Meimei, next time when you grow taller like me, Daddy will bring you to Taiwan ok?”

All packed and ready for the airport!

She was totally bubbling with excitement.

When we got to the airport, she told me her bag was heavy.

So I offered to hold it for her until she got to the departure gate, thinking it might really be quite heavy because it contained her water bottle that was filled with water, Mama Duck, 1 surprise egg with 3 toys inside, 1 packet of biscuits and a cap.

But she changed her mind and told me, “It’s ok Mummy, I want to carry my bag on my own.”

Getting her boarding pass printed and checking in her luggage.

(Yeah right. 🤣)

Fooling around in reality.

She said she was an aeroplane. 😂

Obligatory wefie after I got her to call all her grandparents.

I just thought they might want to talk to her? Even though she was busy running around. 😂

(I still text my parents every time I go on a business trip or a holiday. 🙊 I just thought they might want to know? Lol.)

We kissed one another goodbye before Daddy handed their passports and boarding passes over to the immigration officer.. who looked at her passport and really said, “Are you Clarissa?” 😆😆

She was so happy! Lol like a scene come true.

She answered without hesitation, bright and clear, “Yes, it’s me!”

And just like that, we waved goodbye and they were off on their adventure. 😉

I went off for foot reflexology and massage, courtesy of the hubs who still has a few sessions left on the package he bought.

Got a message from the hubs telling me, oh no we forgot to pack the milk powder and bottle for the flight. 😂

Yes, Clarissa still asks for milk and has told me on many occasions that she loves milk and would continue drinking, drinking, drinking milk until she’s so tall like Daddy. 😂😂

Anyway they were already at the boarding gate so there was pretty much nothing we could do.

I’d packed the bottles for their check-in luggage yesterday and thought we could pack the bottle for the flight this morning.

But I was busy getting her ready.. And totally forgot about it.🙊🙈

The hubs video-called me after they were seated on the plane, only to see the centre part of my face squashed through a hole in the massage chair (?) lolol.

Hahahaha I was waiting for his message so I kept the phone in front of me, and I answered the video call promptly.

Saw Clarissa’s puzzled face before I sat up (while the massuer stepped away for a bit).

“Where are you Mummy?” She asked, frowning. 😅😂

I had to show her my surroundings.

Said goodbye, safe flight, safe travel.. And I found myself thinking, “Wow our little girl is going on an adventure with Daddy!” 😊

Went for lunch and wept into my Yakun kopi-C kosong peng and nasi lemak 😂 took my own sweet time, since I knew Allie was taking her second nap for the day.

Took the train back, and picked up some Chinese story books for Clarissa and a book for myself along the way.

Was texting O, and realised I didn’t make any specific plans this week.

Well I have a rough to-do list in my head, but nothing concrete.

I guess it’s because I still have the same midnight and middle of the night / early morning duties with Allie.. and daytime during the weekdays would be pretty similar.

Anyway anyhow, I’m planning to:

  • Declutter my wardrobe and shoes
  • Declutter and pack Clarissa’s toys
  • Clean up and separate books and bookshelves for Allie and Clarissa
  • Do up an activity corner for Clarissa
  • Clean up Clarissa’s drawer top which is a mess
  • Put/Give away Allie’s newborn clothes which she has outgrown, start unpacking the 6-12M sized ones
  • Put/Give away the pump (Story another day, soon)
  • Finish up and post my backlog of drafts
  • Watch a movie
  • Read a book (and actually finish it), hopefully two
  • Send my watches to the service centre for repair zzz

Ok this sounds too much for a week so let’s see.

The house feels too quiet now. I need my bosses to come back soon. 🤣

In the meantime I shall continue beefing up this little munchymunch:

While Big Boss and Little Boss conquer Taiwan…

…’s night markets.


2 thoughts on “The Little Boss goes on an adventure with Big Boss!”

  1. Amazing! Your husband is wonderful. Would like to do one with my older son too, we’ve always spoken about this but never got round to. Have a great time Clarissa!


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