Happy 5 months young!

Ok, what am I supposed to do Mummy?

Milestone photos for Month 5?

Like this?

I can do KUNGFU!

Or like this? You wanna see if my hands can reach my legs?

Or like this? See how big my feet have grown?

Do I really have to sit down?

Can I lie on my tummy?

I flip very well you know?

“Proper” one?

OK I hear you Mummy.

LOL it was challenging getting her to sit properly and smile for a photo because she thought I was playing with her. 😆

So she did everything else but.

Kept leaning forward, kept trying to lie on her tummy instead.

But so, so happy!

Happy 5 months young, sweetie.

May you always be so easily tickled and cheerful! Please drink and eat well. And sleep well!

4 months vs. 5 months
Got difference or not? 🤣

Meanwhile in Taiwan..


Obviously the hubs thinks I’m a wuss.

Well, either that, or my sense of humour is really difficult to get, or non-existent.

Or he’s trying to be a sensitive new age husband lol.

For the record, I did not weep into that cup of Yakun coffee lah! 😅😂