A Simple Sunday

After a pretty rough night, I decided this morning to head out for a brunch-and-book date with myself while Allie took her morning nap.

It would have been nice to explore a new brunch place but aye it was too much trouble trying to search for one and I didn’t want to spend money taking a cab since I’m on no-pay leave this month. 😂

What matters, is the company! And the couch. Lol.

The food was quite bad though.

Had a video call with Clarissa and the hubs while I was there. They were supposed to go hiking today but the hubs said it’s too tiring so he decided they’d just nuah and go shopping.

Clarissa kept telling me, “I’m going to buy TOYS today!” Lolol good luck, Daddy. 😊

Hehe hello baby! 😊😊

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