What I’ve been up to / Mini adventures

It’s been five days since bubs1 came home from Taiwan and three days since the hubs left for Hongkong to play basketball for his SG office (for a day) and to chill with his friend (for three days) who’s there on a work trip.

Which is why I haven’t been able to write. Or complete this post. 😂

I don’t have much time to think, or write because I’m on double duty and the exhaustion is doubled too. 😂😂

I can’t believe I’m returning to work in two weeks’ time, and there are still so many things to sort out.

Glad I managed to catch up with Sim over lunch on Thursday! Hehe she gave me a very nice “back with work” gift pack and a voucher to claim free chat sessions. 😊

So thankful to have her, who also has 2 girls, worked at the same company (and business unit) and even went to the same primary school with me lol. She just gets it. 😉

Allie’s schedule is the biggest challenge. I really need to think through her nap and feeding schedule so that the helper can manage the 5-7pm crunch.

But I don’t really have time to really think. 😂

Right now she mainly takes 4 naps – 7-8am, 10-11am, 1-3:30pm, 5-6pm, +/- 30 minutes for each block.

The 7-8am is the “nap” she takes after her first feed of the day, usually between 530 to 630am. She rarely finishes the 120ml, so I think she wakes up because her body clock tells her to? And yet she usually is sleepy enough to go back to sleep.

This is the nap I wouldn’t be able to manage when I return to work. I reckon I would only have time to feed her before I get myself ready for work.

The 10-11am nap is after her shower and milk, and can sometimes go up to 2 hours.

The 1-330pm is after a feed. She usually naps at least 2 hours, but can go up to 3 hours with some rocking in between.

The 5-6pm is the power nap she needs so that she is not over-tired for bedtime at 8pm. Sometimes she takes it from 6-7pm instead.

This is the nap I’m hoping to drop because 5pm is the time to pick Clarissa up from the school bus, and the hard point for me (non-negotiable) is that our helper needs to bring Allie with her regardless of whether she’s sleeping or not.

We also do this rather odd thing of feeding her solids at around 6pm when she wakes up from the power nap, because it’s the only timing that we can slot in before her 8pm milk feed, that doesn’t not disrupt the other feeding times. 😂

I’m just writing/thinking aloud here. No solutions. I’ll find time to read ☝️☝️ again and think.

Onto updating about the little adventures from the past few days!

Allie’s Food Adventures

Carrot with potato – Approved!

Sweet potato with milk – Approved!

On our first attempt, she actually threw up her milk.

Our helper figured it must be the fibre in the sweet potato causing irritation to her throat so the next day, we painstakingly picked out the fibre by hand while mashing the sweet potato.

It worked!

Apple – Approved!

Hahaha this was just for fun.

She was watching Jiejie eating a slice of apple after dinner, and swallowing her saliva.

So I gave her a slice to see what she’d do, and she put it into her mouth the same way she does to her drumstick. 😂

Very close shot because she was sitting on my lap.

Not planning to do baby-led weaning even though I’m very intrigued by #dayremums who do. And I love watching videos of babies and toddlers eating on their own like kings.

I won’t be the main caregiver during weekdays when I return to work.

BLW is a lot of work for the caregiver so this isn’t something I want to impose on our helper.

We didn’t do BLW with Clarissa. She is good at self-feeding (as long as she’s willing to 😂) but she isn’t the most adventurous with food, especially fruits. She only likes apples and bananas.

I guess with Allie, the thing I’d do differently is to expose her to more kinds of food and fruits early (but within boundaries of course).

Clarissa was eating porridge, fish, corn and carrots on repeat mode until she was much older. 🙊

Shower time!

This girl is enjoying her shower time more and more!

Hahahaha and Jiejie always dutifully cleans up after Meimei makes a splash, I mean, many splashes.

So cheeky!

Can’t wait to take her for her first swimming lesson.

Jiejie: Meimei, you see? You made the floor so wet!

Meimei: (Glances at the floor nonchalantly)

Jiejie: Yaya, can you tell Meimei I’m angry with her for making the floor so wet? (Proceeds to wipe the floor)

Meimei: (Oops)


The two girls

I continue to be amused by their interaction.

Sometimes Meimei looks at her Jiejie in adoration, always smiling and laughing while Jiejie entertains her with songs and stories.

But sometimes she does her own stuff like blowing bubbles with her saliva when Jiejie talks to or nags at her.

Lol her face.

Haha this afternoon we asked Jiejie to talk to Meimei who was on a milk and sleep strike again (what’s new, start of 5th leap today) and she went on and on for a good 5 minutes saying things like, “If you don’t sleep, you will be so grumpy!” and “If you don’t want to stay in the cot, you go into the sarong! If you don’t want to stay in the sarong, you play on your own in the cot! What do you want? You cannot don’t want to do anything!”



And Meimei just kept blowing bubbles.

Still can’t poop in peace

Story of my life.

So Clarissa was watching her morning cartoon while Allie was doing the same from her play pen:

This is the life

I had a stomach ache so I told Clarissa I needed to go to the toilet.

She said ok.

But a minute later, someone opened the door to my toilet.

Me: Erm I can’t poop when there’s someone watching me.

Her: But I’m scared. There’s no one outside.

Me: Meimei is outside with you!?

Her: But she can’t protect me. She’s so small.

Me: Then you protect her?

Her: But I’m only three years old. I’m not yet four years old, you know?


Joy of Toys

Clarissa’s school was closed yesterday for a staff retreat so I decided to take her out to expend her energy. 😂

I learned about this place from a few #dayremums.

It’s pretty decent!

$22 on weekdays for entrance to the Main and Toddler Play Area, unlimited re-entry throughout the day; $26 on weekends with a time limit of 2h 15m.

Aye, this post is getting a tad too long and I need to do the 12am feed and crash soon so let me write a separate entry on it!