Reunited II

(On a roll, 2 entries in one day! 😉

The previous entry was written over two days with whatever limited pockets of time I had when/after the girls sleep.

Now, for the next one so I have less backlog of words and visuals in my head.)

The hubs’ flight from HK touched down around 915pm last night.

I’d just finished reading 3 stories to the little boss and made milk for her.

After she was done the milk, I told her that Daddy’s flight had touched down and she can see him tomorrow morning.

But she said she wanted to see him on video.

So I asked the hubs if he could do a video call while waiting to disembark.

He asked me to wait for him to get home instead because he bought gifts for the little boss.

I was a little reluctant because it’d be 10 by then but I asked the little boss anyway if she’d like to wait up for Daddy, knowing she’d definitely say yes.

So we decided to wait up, and she immediately got ready..


.. to hide.

Back story – Almost every weekday night, she’d pretend to hide when she hears Daddy coming home and opening the front door.

Daddy would enter the room pretending to ask, “Oh, where’s Clarissa?”

And Clarissa would laugh and reveal herself.

Her “hiding” is really just covering her face somehow so she doesn’t see him – but we can all see her.


So once she knew that Daddy was on his way home, she covered herself under the blanket like this and refused to come out.

The a.c. was on, but the blanket was quite warm, and most importantly there was at least 30 more minutes to go before Daddy could reach home.

I didn’t want her to sweat before going to bed so I spent a looong time trying to coax her out of the blanket.

“No, I want to hide.”


I told her she could start doing it when the door open; there’d still be time.

But she said, “No, this one is very difficult to make. I must cover my feet also.”

And continued sitting with the blanket over her head.

Hahahaha I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

I had no choice but to do a video call with the hubs, and get him to ask her to come out of the blanket.

Their conversation was quite cute lol. She was peeking through the blanket and talking to her Daddy.

And it worked. She was ok to wait without “hiding”.

I asked her if she’d like to chitchat first while waiting, but she said no.

“Later I cannot hear the door,” she explained.

Hahahahaha seriously!

When the front door clicked open, she immediately covered her head with the blanket and dived into her bed.

The #lovebirds did the “Where’s Clarissa” and “Boo! I’m here!” thing before Daddy gave her the presents he bought for her.

I’ve got something from him too!

But the little boss pointed out to me, “Mummy I have three! You only have one!”

Hahahaha ok you win you win.

He got her Mickey/Minnie pillow cases (not in photo), hairclips to share with Allie (who has no hair 🤣) and this Frozen set, which is totally right up her alley.

I guess we would be sing-asking one another if we would like to see the snowman, all day every day. 😆

She lay her presents out on the sofa this morning before going to school, sat Mama duck down beside them, and asked if she could open them when she got home.

Hahaha I love this little crazy #dramaqueen.