Spot the difference

Sometime back, I bought foldable stools to replace the squeaking little chairs that Clarissa sits on.

For my sanity. 😂

I purchased two of the same stools, one for Clarissa and one for Allie, who can’t sit yet; but I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to find a similar one only when she can sit. 😂

I used the stools interchangeably. Sometimes it’s for Clarissa to sit on, sometimes I use one of them to put Allie’s food while feeding her.

I often hear Clarissa say, “This is my stool” and “This is Meimei’s stool”, but I’ve always thought she was just saying it for fun.

Afterall these stools are identical.

Until one evening, I asked Clarissa to sit down on one of them and used the other one for Allie’s food.

Clarissa protested.

“This is not my stool! Meimei took my stool!” She said.

Allie was like, “What are you talking about, Jiejie? You want some rice cereal instead?”

Spot the difference?
Mmm what’s the difference? Where?

I started trying to tell Clarissa that the stools are the same?

But she revealed her secret on how to tell the stools apart.

“Mine has a holiday mouse sticker!” She said.

Sure enough, there is a sticker on one of the stools, and that’s hers.

(See bottom stool. 😂)

I’m not even sure when she’d stuck it there.

I quickly apologised and said it wasnt Meimei’s fault but mine, because I didn’t see the sticker. 😆

It’s funny how kids can see differences adults don’t?

The way she’d differentiated Mama and Papa Duck since she was barely two years old, the way she can tell twins apart, and now the way she marks her territory with stickers. 😂

It reminded me of my Dajie and I when we were young.

We used to sleep on the same mattress on the floor, one pillow each, with the same pillow case.

One day my mum put me down on one of the pillows and my Dajie, who’s 2 years and 5 months older, on the other.

We were drinking milk together.

Suddenly she spun around and said, “Eeeee why you lie on my pillow!”

And proceeded to forcefully pull the entire pillow from under my head.

So I heard my head bump onto the floor (because the mattress was a thin one) and ouch, that hurt.

I was bewildered back then, because I couldn’t tell which was my pillow and which was my Dajie’s. 😂

But I guess, I learn new things everyday. 😆