Dry Run

So I was back in office this morning to do a couple of things.

  • Got my passwords synced and fixed
  • Joined the announcement meetings for my new assignment
  • Caught up with my current (soon to be ex) boss
  • Caught up with my new boss, predecessor and new team

Didn’t go through the full works of the schedule and morning routine we discussed but it was a good rehearsal alright.

There’d always be bad nights and better nights, and I’d have to head to work regardless.

Last night was a preview of what a not-so-good night would look like because Allie was quite difficult. 😂

I spent an hour trying all sorts of methods to make her sleep, until the hubs took over and made her sleep in 15 minutes.

But she kept waking up until it was 1130pm and time for the usual ‘dream’ feed which was far from being a dream.

We spent an hour trying to make a stubborn and over-tired baby drink her milk. She drank only 30ml after our passive-aggressive unspoken fight over what the better way to feed her was.

It was 1am by the time we all slept.

She stirred briefly at 3am, and woke up at 6am.

Supposedly for milk but she took a looooong time to ponder and change positions before she finally started drinking and rolled off my lap in protest when there was still 40ml left. 😒

I left her in the cot and went to my room to wash up and paint my face.

Clarissa woke up shortly, drank her milk before helper brought Allie to her room and got Clarissa changed.

By then I was done with my make-up and joined them in the room to tie Clarissa’s hair.

It was the first time in months I’d some eye make-up on. Nothing fancy, just a bit of eye shadow, very thin eyeliner and some mascara.

Clarissa: Mummy, what’s that on your eyes?

Me: Oh it’s just some make-up.

Clarissa: Not nice!


Later on, she was in my room while I got changed.

Clarissa: I can see your tummy!

Me: 😂

Clarissa: (Smiles happily) Wiggly tummy!


Thanks for the boost of confidence, sweetheart!

We left the house together, dropped Clarissa off in school, had breakfast before I took a new route on Downtown line ➡ Circle line to get to office.

Honestly it felt quite nice to be back.

Even though there was this creepy statue standing at the entrance of the lobby. 😂

There were still awkward / my socially inept moments where I couldn’t decide whether to shake hands or give a quick hug, but I think I fared better this time round as compared to the last time I returned from maternity leave.

My colleagues said I looked good and relaxed, and didn’t look like I’ve two kids; I told them I was glad the make-up helped. 😂

I had a nice chat over tea / coffee with my boss after the announcements. I think I’m going to miss these insightful chats with a fellow introvert, and learning from him.

I’m glad I’ve had two weeks to internalize and mentally prepare myself for the new role in this new lifestage. I’ll be working with my ex-boss again, and I’m really thankful for this.

I left the office at around 2pm, took the 19-stop train ride back from (almost) one end to (almost) the other end of the island, and came home to little miss munchy munch.

Going through her 5th leap and already showing signs of separation and stranger anxiety.

Milk time is becoming rather difficult again. We had a much better time after the 4th and before this 5th leap so she’s really quite a textbook baby. 😂

She’s so easily distracted that we sometimes have to zip her up in the swaddle and feed her, one to one.

She’s just so curious (in other words, #kaypo) about everything she can’t concentrate on drinking.

Am going to miss the one-on-one time with her..

..and having free access all day everyday to these cheeks. 😆

Also tried using the steamer-blender I borrowed from a dear friend.

No more picking out sweet potato fibre by hand! 😅😆

I didn’t get to nap today and was feeling quite sleepy by 4pm. I don’t always get to nap and even if I nap, I can’t sleep for more than an hour.

So I guess I’ll get used to this soon.

7 more days to becoming a full-time working mum of 2 girls under 4. 💪💪

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