Embarrassing elevator encounters – Part V

Parenting is hard.


I’d briefly considered asking her to call younger men and women “Gor-gor” and “Jie-jie” and older folks “Uncle” and “Auntie”, but I thought it’d be too complicated because what about the older children, whom she’d also call “Gor-gor” and “Jie-jie”?

I’m not sure if she knows how to judge who’s a Jie-jie and who’s an Auntie.

Technically speaking she’s not wrong to call a female adult “Auntie”. Her Yi-yis and Gu-gus are in their 20s too? 🤣

So it’s really the unspoken social etiquette of not calling a spade a spade, which is hard to explain.

Usually when I’m in the lift with her and a younger lady or man helps us with, say, holding the lift door, I’d prompt her to say “Thank you Jie-jie (or Gor-gor)”. And everyone’s happy.


To the young lady living in the same block:

You definitely look young and you are not an Auntie ok?

Gosh, we are going to be sooooo popular amongst our neighbours.