Toothless no more

Since the day she discovered her hands and mouth, Allie has been putting all sorts of things into her mouth.

Jiejie’s hair, blanket, lizard leg, seat buckle, bunny ears, socks, her own drumstick, on top of her usual milk. You name it, she’s probably tasted it.

We recently found a missing nose on the little bear from Taiwan which her Jiejie gifted her.

I don’t really want (or dare) to know where the nose went. 😂😭

Over the past week, she found something new to chew on:

Her cot.

Our helper was busy trying to pry her off it, partly amused and partly exasperated at the way she puts everything and anything into her mouth.

“How, like that?” She asked me.

I could only say to her:

“Mmm.. Just make sure it’s clean?”


So we’ve been asking ourselves if she’s teething.. since a few months ago.

Yet I kept ruling out the possibility because, how can “teething” go on for so long? 😅😂

Also, Clarissa only started teething at 7-8 months. I spotted her first two teeth at 34 weeks. (Gee, did I miss her first tooth or did she have two growing at the same time? 😂)

Sometimes I would catch her “chewing” on something. I would immediately pick her up and open her mouth to check if there is anything inside.

I always find nothing.

Either she’s too fast or she’s just pretending to chew.

I hope it’s the latter.

And nope, no tooth either.

In fact I’ve started checking her gums almost everyday.

Friday, no tooth.

Saturday, nothing.

But yesterday, her Yaya saw her chewing on something furiously and decided to check.

First tooth spotted, 29 April 2018 @25 weeks +1 day young

I guess she really wants to eat a real drumstick, real soon.