The weekend

Happiness is..

Swimming in a pool full of balls.

Eating birthday cakes and watching your tongue turn blue.

Drinking Ribena.

Hiphop dancing with Daddy.

Jumping and bouncing on the trampoline until you are too tired to move.

We attended a birthday party at Buds Shangri La. The moment we stepped out of the lift and saw the ball pit, Clarissa’s eyes lit up.

“Wow!” She said.

She didn’t know the birthday boy before this but she enjoyed the party. 🙊😂

There was a good spread of finger food but when I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said, “I want to eat the birthday cake.” 😂

Asked her if she liked the decor (the theme was sharks), she said, “I like the presents.” 😂😂

She had seen the goodie bags lined up on the dessert table and asked me from time to time when she can get the present.

We bagged home a big kid and a baby goodie bag each, courtesy of the hosts.

Another pair of #lovebirds at home.

Over the past week, Allie has fallen deeper in love with her Daddy.

Her eyes would follow him wherever he goes and she’d look at him intently with hearts in her eyes omg.

I managed to take a better milestone photo, featuring her tooth! Yay! #crazymom

Toothless vs. One tooth!

Love this shot of her.

The single tooth, tattooed eyebrows, Michelin arm rolls, and everything Allie.

First swimming lesson!

There is a baby class at the slot right before Clarissa’s class so we booked a trial session for Allie.

Unfortunately the school stopped allowing parents to stay beside the pool and photo-taking was not allowed.

I only managed to watch the first five minutes because Clarissa wanted to see her sister swim and I asked for permission.

Snapped a picture quickly and that was it.

Watched the rest of the lesson from the TV at the waiting/resting area.

The swimming costume was a gift from my friend.. and Clarissa wore it when she was one. 😆

Allie looked super blur because it was her nap time.

She wasn’t afraid of the water and looked unimpressed most of the time. She went under water for the first time! The hubs said she simply looked at him like she was saying, “Why you do that huh!” when she got out of the water. 😅

Came home and both girls KO-ed for almost 3 hours.

I guess we’d sign her up for regular classes soon.

We are totally skipping the babyspa and going straight into this lol. She’s the youngest in the class; her two other baby classmates today are one year-olds.

Hahaha holding the spoon like a boss.

Or is it a toothbrush? 🤣

Or a teether?

Her grip is so strong I had a hard time prying the spoon away from her! 😂

And just like that, the weekend is over.

I’ve also spent the weekend prepping Clarissa for the coming week.

I’ll be taking a 7am flight tomorrow and won’t be able to see her before she goes to school.

She’s been told about mothers’ day celebration in school and I had to tell her, as gently as I could, that I wouldn’t be there.

I think she understood what I was saying, but chose to be funny about it.

“No you are going to be here!” She said to me when I said I would still be overseas.

“You cannot take the aeroplane to work because you are still coughing!” She insisted that I’d be staying at home tomorrow while she goes to school and Daddy goes to work.

“You have money already so you can stay at home,” she said. She’d asked me on Saturday, after my first three days back at work – “So, Mummy. Now do you have money already?” 😂

She’d told her Daddy wistfully that she would miss me. I told her she can call me anytime, but she frowned and said, “But what if your phone is charging? And you cannot pick up?”

And she held my hand so tightly while trying to sleep tonight.

Aye, this doesn’t get any easier, does it?