Saturday | 6th month jabs

Back to regular programming this morning.

Worried baby is worried.

Waiting outside their PD’s office for her injections.

At 6 months +1 week:

Height – 66cm (from 63cm)

Weight – 8kg (from 7.2kg)

Lol drama lights.

She cried a bit when the jabs went in.

Jiejie’s task was to pass the plaster to the doctor. 😆

I love that Jiejie was having a proper conversation with the doctor and giving the updates on Meimei, such as “Allie has two teeth now!” and “Yes she likes to pull my hair!”

The doctor took out a piece of M&Ms to see if Allie would look at it and grab it? But she kept lifting herself up onto her knees and trying to crawl towards her sister. 😅

Anyway she managed to complete the task and the doctor said she’s all good.

Ah Siao #1, grew some hair with Daddy’s help.

Ah Siao #2 and her fries.

Walked around with a paper bag holding a surprise egg in her hand.

Dinner with my family to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and Mother’s day.

Featuring a random bowl of yam paste. 🤣

She kept staring at the playground outside.

My dad didn’t like the birthday hat.

So she took it and wore it as a necklace.

Hahaha she kept wishing Waigong happy birthday and singing the birthday song.


More than badminton.

Drove a helicopter before heading home. 😆