Sunday as usual

Mothers’ Day present from the hubs and bubs.

It was strategically placed in my cupboard waiting to be discovered when I got back from my trip on Friday night.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Bubs1 then insisted on placing it on the dining table so that “everyone can see”. 😆

She told me she did it together with Daddy and was the one sticking all the stickers.

“Let’s spread kindness!”? 😆🤣

But there wasn’t any special pass or kindness given to me today leh. 😅😂

I woke up to a stiff neck and Allie’s call at 6am. Brought her to the bed and cuddled with her for some 20 minutes before I got up to make milk for her.

Clarissa was up shortly after.

Brought Clarissa to the room and drifted in and out of sleep with my stiff neck.

Thankfully she entertained herself for almost an hour before she went off to get changed.

“I play on my own,” she said to me, and I thanked her.

Went down to get breakfast and it was business as usual.

My FIL and SIL dropped by just before Clarissa’s swimming lesson, even though I’d suggested that they come before dinner time.

That way they could spend more time with the girls, after they get up from their naps.

But erm, suggestion not taken.

Clarissa was full of questions.

“What would you say when Ah-gong comes and I’m not at home?” She asked me.

“I would say, ‘I told you to come later!'” I said to her.


She asked me, incredulous.


Erm, thanks for calling my bluff.

She managed to catch her Ah-gong and Gu-gu for 10 minutes before she left for her swimming lesson with Daddy.. while Allie got over-tired and couldn’t drink her milk properly.. and basically had her entire day’s schedule out of whack. 😥

(And is partying now, at 1035pm.)

We headed over to my parents’ place after Clarissa got up from her nap.

Waited there while the hubs picked up dinner with my mum and Clarissa played with her Yi-yis.

There was a long queue for the food and so it was late by the time they got back.

Rushed to let Clarissa eat her dinner before we headed home. We were supposed to pack dinner for our helper and I wanted to get home as soon as possible.

But Clarissa chose the wrong time to play with her food, pulling the noodles up high into the air before slamming them down into the bowl.

Some of it landed on the table, which I did not wipe.. So I had to cut the noodles off.

I chided her for playing with her food and grabbed some tissue paper to clean the table up, while everyone else came to her rescue.

She started tearing but quickly recovered and finished her dinner promptly.

Later in the car on our drive home, she asked me, “Mummy, when children do something naughty, their mummy will still love them, right?”

Not knowing where this was going, I said yes, their mummies will still love them.

“So even when I throw the noodles up high, you still love me, right, Mummy?

She asked again.



Yes, of course. I will always love you.

I said to her and she was satisfied.

The hubs laughed and asked her if she did naughty things deliberately to test Mummy.

She was too embarrassed to answer immediately. But she admitted later on, “Yes I test Mummy.”


Well, thanks for the test.

Motherhood is as tough as it is to stay angry with you.

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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