Saturday: Outing with the girls

The plan was to have lunch at Cafe Melba and check out the Goodman art centre.

But when we got there the carpark was full and the entire compound was overflowing with people.

It turned out to be Open House so..

Nonetheless we queued for a table in the blistering humidity. Good thing both girls were quite a good sport.

Her first time sitting in a high chair outside in a cafe.

It’s an important milestone for me because it means we can have easier meal times outside of home.

Maybe that’s why she’s looking smug lol.

I fed her lunch and it was not easy because every time someone entered the cafe, she’d turn to look and keeping turning in the direction where the person was walking to. 😂


I’m glad she wasn’t shy or hiding like she used to whenever we go for a walk.

“Allie, look at Mummy!” Jiejie tried to help me.

She finished her portion of fish and chips and drank orange juice! She used to not like drinking juices.

She joined me on the couch after we cleaned up.

I think we might have used up half a pack of wet wipes. 🙊

After lunch we tried to check out the art centre but the heat and crowd got to us.. so we headed to my parents’ place.

Both girls napped but Allie woke up way earlier. Sigh this girl doesn’t sleep very well.

She had fun though, making her Waigong and Waipo carry her while she kept moving up and down.

She also played peekaboo with them using the pillow! She’d cover her face with the pillow and drop it when we say “Boo!” and then she’d laugh.

Hahaha most shots were blurred because she kept moving.

Check out Ah-ah’s expression. 🤣

This one ate a lot of pandan cake. 😆

Everyone went home happy lol.