Lucky Seven

Happy 7 months young, little miss marshmallow.

I got home an entire hour later than usual this evening because my meeting overran. Yet when I got home, I received a heroine’s welcome.

First from the little Jiejie who ran all the way from her room to the main door to give me a big hug, followed by the little Meimei who chuckled and smiled at me when I entered the room.

The two girls were playing “swimming”. Jiejie was holding Meimei’s legs and showing her how to kick. Meimei cooperated nicely, her face flushed from all the exercise.

I bent over to watch them, and Meimei crawled forward to hold my hand with her grubby little hands, looking up at me and smiling and babbling.

I’m glad I had 30 minutes to finish my dinner and spend time with them, including snapping a few milestone photos.

Though she was too excited to sit still for them.

And even tried to stand up.

Which is very much what she’s been doing these days, always trying to stand up and refusing to sit.

She’d use all her might to keep her legs straight whenever we try to make her sit down in the playpen.

6 months vs 7 months

She looks taller now?

But then again it might be because she was in the midst of trying to push herself up to stand with just one hand. 🤣

The hubs lowered the cot yesterday.. after she flipped over and fell out of her cot. 😭

I was about to feed her and make her nap yesterday morning.. But I left her in the cot and went out of the room to get something.

Heard a loud thud, ran into the room and found her lying on the floor crying.

She cried for less than a minute.

We checked for bruises and bumps but couldn’t find any. Watched the cctv and saw that she’d pushed herself up to stand and then leaned forward to look down at the floor.. and then she fell out of the cot.

I’ve seen her stand up in the cot once, but she hadn’t succeeded after that attempt.. so I remained complacent and thought it’d be alright to leave her in the cot for a minute.

I’d already asked the hubs to adjust the cot, but we were initially planning to do it next week!?

I still feel very bad thinking about it.

The first thing she did when I put her into the newly adjusted cot.. was to pull herself up to stand. Effortlessly.

And then she smiled at me so happily.. which made me feel so guilty all over again.

And Daddy did this while I was showering. 😅😂

She was less unimpressed at swimming yesterday, smiling and splashing around.

But this was her sian-half and why-you-do-this-to-me face after her face went into the water. 😂

Back star float like a boss.

And this post is all over the place because my mind is over the place. 😂

I haven’t been sleeping more than 5-6 hours straight.. for a long time.

Out of 7 nights a week, she’d be up in the middle of the night.. for about 5. Or 6 nights. Thankfully she goes back to sleep fairly quickly most of the time.

Sometimes I’d let her lie down in bed beside me, and she’d turn to look at me, touch my face with her hand in the swaddle, and smile.

So sweet.. even though her hand/swaddle is quite smelly because of all the saliva on it. 😅😂

Thank you for being the sweet little marshmallow that you are, always sweet and affectionate and generous with your smile and chuckle and gibberish.

We love you to the moon, and many, many, many times back.

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