The week that zoomed past

Tuesday, my work-from-home situation.

It wasn’t lunch time but she sat in her high chair next to me, just watching me while I worked.

Every time I looked up, she’d get excited and break into a bright smile.

She’d simply refused to be in the playpen. πŸ˜‚

As much as I love having her close by, I’m also hoping to get my study room back. πŸ˜…

Wednesday to Friday were jam-packed and went by in a whirl.

In three days, I managed to meet up with two of my LEP mates, one of them would be a first-time Daddy in the next two weeks, get my neck sorted (after work) with the masseur claiming how she’d not seen a neck that’s so so so blocked before mineπŸ˜‚, and get into back-to-back and productive meetings.

The only problem was that I couldn’t get home by 630pm like I used to. 😟

My little boss wasn’t happy but she took it well, only sounding slightly disappointed at chitchat time – “I’m upset because Mummy came home late tonight.” – but otherwise generous with her hugs and words.

She said many noteworthy and funny things too, but alas my sleep-deprived brain can only recall a few of them now. 😭

One of them was the concept of “big” versus “old”.

When she was younger, she used to be confused about her Da-gugu and Xiao-gugu because Da-gugu looks smaller in build as compared to Xiao-gugu. Yet “da” in Chinese means “big” in English.

So she used to mix her Gu-gus up.

But now she has fully grasped the concept she explained it to me the other night.

“Da Gu-gu is the older sister like Princess Elsa and Xiao Gu-gu is the younger one like Princess Anna. But Xiao Gu-gu is bigger and taller than Da Gu-gu!”

Lol not bad.

Saturday, I took her out for brunch with my friends from work.

The hubs had to attend a wedding lunch so we asked her to choose who she wanted to follow (though we totally expected she’d choose to “go to work with mummy” because it sounded cooler).

Love this shot of her! Taken with my phone camera’s portrait mode.


We went to Relish at Cluny Court!

Her drawing of me and my friends yakking away.

“Why so loud?” She asked whenever we laughed. πŸ˜‚

She got a little restless and started doing funny things like looking at our shoes.

“Mummy, I’m bored,” she would whisper to me and turn away to do stuff on her own.

But came back for her highlight of the day.

My friends were amazed by how she could behave so well while stuck in a restaurant for more than two hours. πŸ˜†

We headed home for a nap before going to my parents’ place to celebrate my mum’s birthday and father’s day.. though it looks more like the little boss’ birthday lol.

She helped to set up the cake and table (which I guess explains why all her toys were there), and invited my mum to start the celebration, in Mandarin no less.

“ε€–ε©†οΌŒδ½ ε―δ»₯θΏ‡ζ₯这边坐吗?”


She led the birthday song and when we were done singing, she causally gave my mum a photo album that was there all along and said, “Nah, this is your present!”

Lol Allie and my Dajie. 🀣

It was past Allie’s bedtime, although she had a blast too trying to do rock climbing on everyone who carried her.

Who wore it better, Saturday edition.

Who wore it better, Sunday edition.

Clarissa at 15 months and Allie at 7 months.

Romper was from their San-yi, and Clarissa started wearing it when she turned one?

It’s still a little loose and long on Allie but already a pretty good fit?

Hmm what to do, I just finished folding the laundry.

Yep there’s something about my girls and laundry baskets. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

In other accomplishments for the week, this girl has managed to peel off the label that has been stuck underneath the changing station for the past 3.5 years.

She must have propped herself up by lying on the pillow and painstakingly peeled the label off, bit by bit.

I guess that’s why she’s sometimes so quiet in her cot. πŸ˜†

Am off tomorrow for the last business trip of the fiscal year.. and I guess the routine would set in for good post this trip as I’m not expecting another business trip in the next few months.

I just hope.. I can get some sleep. πŸ˜‚

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