Swim Sunday

The plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Nap, Drive to parents’ place, Swim.

OMG who is this 大老板 sitting at the coffee shop table? 🤣

She woke up at 2am, went back to sleep and was up at 5am again.

I was too tired to get up so I asked her to try to go back to sleep.

She ended up babbling on and on.. And suddenly became quiet.

Just when I thought, maybe she’d fallen back alseep.. She let out three dry coughs.

Waited for my response.

And started babbling again.


Yeah I’m the boss.

Me: Allie, look here! Jiejie, smile!

A: Where’s my breakfast..

A: Oh, what is Jiejie doing?

A: So funny!

Jiejie: I’m tired of smiling already lah..

Allie’s first time in a “real” pool!

She looked super unimpressed at first, probably because she was supposed to be taking her power nap and probably also because she really wasn’t impressed. 😂

Very different from her sister, who was so delighted to be in a pool for the first time, she started splashing around the very next minute.

But she got the hang of it and started splashing around and kicking the water.

Cheeky face!

See Jiejie happily swimming away in the background.

Tried to take a family photo.

But it was hard.

Really hard.


So I gave up.

Jiejie swam very happily, as usual.

Before the swim she was telling us, “Meimei swim in the baby pool, I swim in the big pool. Because I’m a big girl already mah!”

But she was very happy to be in the pool with Meimei.

Meimei did well too.

I was swimming in front of her, pushing the float along with her facing me, and she tried to imitate me by leaning forward to put her chin into the water?

And then she tried to drink the water. 😂

But she also caught on the kicking and started trying to kick too!

Showered and had home-cooked dinner by Wai-po!

We parked the baby with my dad and the girl with my sis#4 while we showered. 😊😚

Her Si-yi did such a professional blow-dry for her! Complete with treatment at the end.

This one finished her pumpkin porridge but was so sleepy she cried whenever someone tried to carry her. 😅

Understandably tired because of the swim..

.. plus yep, earlier on she had been working doubly hard to complete the destruction of the changing station.




First family swim mission: 👍👍👍👍👍


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