After-dinner activity for tonight, as decided by Jiejie: Reading!

Meimei was adorably talking and chuckling to the characters in the book as I read!

I didn’t have my phone with me to capture the moment hence resorting to CCTV footage. 😂

We love reading!


Love them so much.

I saw this on the IG stories of a fellow mum with 2 girls.

Oh wow, obviously the SAHMs in this instance cared enough to call her out for misusing the #soloparenting term wtf!?

At the end of the day having a helper (or not) is a lifestyle choice.

Also, I have to admit that cooking and household chores aren’t my forte.

But a helper is really not a parent.

Having a helper relieves us of mundane chores so we can channel our energy towards the kids and work.

Having a helper does not make us less of a parent wtf.

Sometimes I really want to know what’s going on in the minds of these people?

This one too!?

An assisted delivery is usually offered because there is a medical reason to.

When Allie’s heart rate kept plummeting as I tried to push her out, the midwife said we might have to go with assisted delivery, otherwise it might have been risky.

We signed all the forms on the spot, while the midwife explained to us the possible side effects.

We ended up not having to do an assisted delivery, but even if we had to, we’d have gone ahead without hesitation because we wanted our baby to be safe.

If I were her friends reading her entry, I’d have felt bad for not pushing hard enough, even though it was the circumstances that led to the assisted delivery, and not for the lack of trying.

Again I can’t fathom why her birth story had to include and put down the birth stories of others? Especially that of people she said were her “friends”?

You can still star in your own movie as the heroine without making others looks like villains or fools.

The more my sisters and I talked about it, the angrier we became. 😅😂

In happier updates, this girl continues to make me laugh.

I’ve been letting her shower on her own while I stand beside her to monitor and check that she’s washed off all the soap etc so this evening was no exception.

But she had foam going into her ears so she spent extra time trying to wash it off carefully.

Her Daddy got home while I was toweling her dry. She gave him a hug and reported to him excitedly:

“Daddy! Today I wash something new! I wash my ears!

Tomorrow I’m going to wash another thing new!

I’m going to wash.. my forehead!”