Happy 8 months young!

7 months vs. 8 months

Still looking like a baby, but with more teeth now. 😆

Majority of the photos were like this.

Or like this.

And like this. 😅😂

Rummaging through Jiejie’s toys.

Smug leh. 🤣

Upset because Daddy walked into the room to get changed instead of carrying her.

Is that a triumphant look or what?

Jiejie joined in the fun because #fomo. 😆🤣

At around 8pm every night, Jiejie would say to her, “Good night Allie, don’t party huh!” Before she closes the room door and goes off to prepare her shower basket.

She did the same tonight, but on the way to the bathroom, she opened the room door again and whispered to Allie, who was drinking her milk, “Good night Allie, I love you ok?”

I went, “Aww so sweet!” And she became shy and started laughing at herself.

“Why I say I love you huh!” She giggled.

Because I’m so lovable?


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