Wild Cats

As usual, we started the annual concert by flipping through the program booklet.. and laughing. πŸ˜†πŸ€£

What a difference a year makes.

Like last year, the concert was split into two segments – Chinese in the first half and English in the second – with a lunch break in between.

This year, her performance was in the second half.

We were very much entertained in the first half by this very cute little boy from the toddler class.

While his classmates and teachers were busy dancing, he was walking around the stage touching the props and doing mic tests.

There were a few microphones placed on the stage, and he went forward picking up the microphones one by one and talking into them.

One of the microphones happened to work, and we heard him say a resounding, “HELLO!” before his teacher reached out and took it away.

So cute and funny!!

His poor teacher was running after him throughout the entire performance and he was often too quick for her.

He did it again in the finale for the first segment, totally unfazed by the number of people on stage and off stage.

This time round, he not only managed to find a working mic, but also managed to sing a few words of the song that was playing in the background.

The most adorable little brown bear ever. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

We saved the best for the last, lol. Hers was the last performance for the day.

I think her teachers have been very thoughtful with the seating arrangement!

She was dancing on the left side of the stage and we got seats on the right. 😊

She was wondering if she would be able to see us, and I told her to look to her left.

We saw her looking for us as the curtains drew open, and she smiled and did a little wave when she saw us.

And then she started dancing.

She did so well!

I think she enjoyed herself very much.

I managed to take a short video of her dancing and a few photos, but it was hard because the lady and her husband sitting diagonally in front of me were taking videos almost throughout the entire concert.

We were asked not to get out of our seats or stand up to take photos/videos, but to take them from our seats.

But the lady sat up so tall and leaned so forward with her hands holding up her phone so high?

I was watching most of the concert from her phone screen.

Her son was in the same dance as Clarissa so she was filming and waving at him at the same time while I struggled to take photos without her hand / phone / head in my frame.

At one point I contemplated tapping on her shoulder and asking her to send her photos and videos to me.

I complained to the hubs and he said, “Yah, ε₯Ήεˆ°εΊ•ζœ‰ε‡ δΈͺ孩子huh?” πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

I think.. Maybe 5?

She was taking photos and videos of almost everything.

Aye I hope the official video and photos would turn out nice!

A little wild cat getting picked up by her Daddy.

Squeezed in a few photos of her in her outfit before we changed her out of it.

I feel so heartened to see how much she has grown and blossomed in a year.

Kids grow up so fast!

We are now waiting for this party girl (who currently parties at 3am almost every night) to join in the fun!

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