And now we count to 10

What? I’m 10 months young today?

Hee, ok I guess I’m a little happy about it.

My double chin, Jiejie and Daddy say hi.

Let me show you the correct way of spraying saliva though.

I think I do it best!


Happy 10 months young, sweetie.

Sorry I’m away on a business trip so I took your milestone photos on Saturday instead.

Now you are a proud holder of a Singapore passport!

2 more months to turning One!

9 months vs. 10 months.

You always have to be holding onto something..

Or climbing up somewhere.

Or grabbing something (especially your Jiejie’s hair).

Jiejie takes the best photos of you.

All she needs to do is to say, “Allie, say cheeeeeese!”

And you will drop everything you are doing to smile at her camera.

Your first word?

“Deh deh” (Jiejie).

This was obviously a re-enactment because Mummy wants to remember how you call Jiejie.

You’d be looking at Jiejie’s and your photos while Jiejie is in school and exclaiming “Deh deh!”

Or you’d be looking at Jiejie zooming around the house and going, “Deh deh deh deh deh deh!”

You finally love your rice cracker.

Though you were unsure about what to do with a 小馒倴.

So Jiejie had to show you how to eat one.

(But you eventually dropped it and I ate it. πŸ˜‚)

You are doing better and enjoying yourself more at swimming class!

You are always up for some kind of adventure (read: mischief) and you make me laugh so, so, so much.

Please keep growing and keep exploring.. safely. πŸ˜†

We love you!

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