Everyday I’m hustling

This entry is taking much longer than expected to write and complete.

I started on Monday and am now at the tail end of Wednesday.

I might have finished writing during my Grab rides home but instead I was constantly (and consistently, for two evenings) with the OCBC customer officers repeating the same story and numbers over and over again trying to find out what there was an overcharge of $175.

I might have finished writing in the nights after Clarissa slept and before my night duty, but I was completely smashed one night due to a bad cold and then I worked like a maniac until 230am the following night to make up for lost time.

So here I am.

Attempting to finish writing a post about the weekends, three days ago, three days later.

It’s been one whirlwind of a weekend since I got back from Sydney on Friday evening.

First up, parents-teacher meeting on Saturday morning!

Mirror wefie with the little boss after the PTM. πŸ˜†

The first thing her English and Chinese teachers said to us as we sat down was how endearing Clarissa is to them.

Apparently her Chinese teacher had remarked to her English teacher that she wishes to have a daughter like Clarissa, and her English teacher suggested that she tells the parents directly. 😊

I nearly teared up hearing this?

But I held back and thanked them. πŸ˜‚

And went on to ask about her progress in terms of literacy and creative expression. #asianparents

She has no problems with phonics and recognising letters and words, but can certainly benefit from practising her writing more. Her writing has improved, her letters are no longer ‘lying down’, but her grip and writing can be improved.

She is doing well in Chinese! She can understand, communicate and even recognise certain words in Chinese.

Haha maybe Chinese Sundays are working? She has been able to “read” her Chinese storybooks at home but I thought she’d memorized them. She still sounds like an angmo speaking Chinese but at least she’s more confident now.

Socially, according to her teachers, she is one of the few kids who can play with anyone whereas most kids her age can get rather clique-ish as they express their preference over certain people, in other words, the likes of “I like you” and “I don’t want to friend you”.

She has high expectations of herself, always trying her best and feeling bad when she feels she has not met expectations. Her teachers told us about the incident, where she started crying really badly when she couldn’t find her communication book.

She’d told me about it before, that she’d cried for sooooo long and only stopped when her teachers found the book lying somewhere in her locker.

I thought it was more of her being afraid to make mistakes, but I guess the way her teachers saw it is right too.

Her report book is getting more and more detailed, covering literacy, math mind, motor skills, science and social skills.

I’m particularly proud of this report on ber social skills aka “circle of friends”..

.. and her progress in Chinese.

She can understand simple picture books, enjoys speaking Chinese, is able to accurately use nouns and verbs, and is able to converse in Chinese.

Drawing of herself in March and in September

Her drawing has also improved from cockroaches to more defined features and details.

I told her I am very proud of her but she has to continue to be good in school. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

We went shoe shopping for a pair of casual shoes for Clarissa because her latest pair has been all worn out.

She was hilariously dramatic.

Whenever I put on a pair that fit, she’d look at the shoes and exclaim to me, “These fit perfectly!”


I’d laugh and ask her, “Ok but are they comfortable?”

And she’d say, “Oh yeah but they are not so comfortable.”


We ended up at Charles and Keith and managed to find a cute pair which not only fits perfectly but is also comfortable.

She was clearly on a roll, whispering loudly to me at the cashier as I paid for the shoes, “Mummy, I’m so excited about my new shoes!”

And then she zoomed to display of sunglasses and helped herself to try on a pair, like Peppa Pig’s.

In my mind, I couldn’t quite reconcile this happy crazy girl in the shopping mall and the endearing good girl in school but I’m so glad they are the same person and this girl is mine.

An old and close friend of mine came over for dinner in the evening and boy I was glad that finally Clarissa has found someone much better than me who at all the role-playing and pretend-playing with her. They were making 5 dinosaurs, 1 shark and 1 bird talk, all at the same time.

In fact she was hogging on to my friend and almost didn’t give us any chance to catch up. πŸ˜‚

She also bought her her favourite cream puff and while enjoying it over breakfast, she made sure to confirm with me that my friend would be visiting again in December. πŸ˜†

Swimming Sunday.

Both girls were so tired they napped all the way till almost 6pm.

Allie was on a roll too.

Movie night, before unwinding in Meimei’s room.

Panda sisters and their Daddy.

Clarissa picked this t-shirt.

Panda eyes Mummy.

Hello, Panda family. 🀣

It was a simple but happy evening, just us.

Clarissa requested to take more photos with Allie after she got changed.

Looking so sweet together..

.. though this is the real them.

After this, I spent an hour trying to make Allie sleep. πŸ˜‚

Thanks baby.

I’m not sure how I survived the last week, or the weekend, or the past three weekdays.

But hey, I did it, I can do this.

I managed to get home early last night to spend some time with the two girls before the little one went to bed.

But what was supposed to be at least 45 minutes of quality time became only 20 minutes because both girls decided to poop and we spent 25 minutes cleaning and washing everyone up.

I work to live.

I rush home for moments like these.

It would be worth it.

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