Reverse chronology

Rare me-time TV-time on a Sunday evening after finishing some work.

Clarissa’s at a wedding dinner with Daddy.

And Allie the energizer bunny’s in bed.

I’m trying not to doze off before her dream feed. 😂

Earlier today, a quick lunch.

I’d started working since this morning.

The moment I took out my laptop, Clarissa remarked, “Mummy, why do you have so much work?”


I laughed sheepishly and said, “Yes I need to do some more work.”

“So do you have more money now, Mummy?” She asked.

Yes so I once told her work = money and, no work = no money.

But unfortunately more work is not = more money.

If only relationships as such could be more linear.

Thank goodness there are more relationships worth celebrating than those that aren’t. 😆

Yesterday evening, prawn noodle soup party.

And an awesome cake from pine garden.

Friday evening, Zambak in her hand.

I never knew Zambak could spark so much happiness.

Care to share your secrets with me, please?

Finally found time to see a doctor for my throat and cough.. after a week of not feeling too good. 😅😪

What is the problem? What are we solving for?

Boy, I hope I’m not as confused as Burberry is.

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