Here we go ahead.

Some days I wonder.


Some weekday nights, I spend working after the girls sleep.

Every weekend morning, I squeeze in time to finish more work while Clarissa plays and Allie takes her morning nap.

This morning I dropped Clarissa off in school, had a quick coffee and breakfast at yakun, went to the post office to collect the books I ordered for Clarissa, rushed home to start the first call for the day at 9am, and went in and out of calls, back to back to back.. until I could dash to the bathroom to shower and change and pack and leave for the airport.

And I wonder if there is any point to the mad rush at all.

I guess there is.

My comic relief today.

She would either be staring at me from across the table, mimicking my actions as I spoke on the call.. or zooming around shouting random gibberish while I was reporting some numbers over the phone.

I’m sure my colleagues heard her over the phone so I apologised for her over-enthusiasm. 😂😆

She woke up from her nap just when I was about to leave for the airport.


See you soon baby!

I can do this.

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