I’m sitting in the dark now, writing this entry while waiting for Clarissa to fall asleep.

It’s been a long day, and I’m going to start my second shift once she’s sound asleep.

Auntie O, now self-proclaimed Playground Auntie πŸ˜†, came over to spend time with the girls while I went to a wake.

So thankful for Playground Auntie. 😊

I managed to have a nice chat with Clarissa before we turned off the lights.

She told she was happy Auntie O came.

I said yes, isn’t it nice to play with Auntie O?

I went on to tell her about the gift exchange in school that would be taking place on Friday.

It is to celebrate United Nations Friendship Day and Children’s Day. Parents have been asked to dress the kids up and prepare a $5 gift for exchange.

I have an extra set of toys I can easily wrap up for her to take to school, but before I could tell her about it, she’d already thought it meant choosing a gift from her bunch of toys.

“Mummy, can you please don’t choose something I like?” She asked, tentatively.

I played along, curious to find out what this would lead to.

“Hmm.. So which toy do you not like?” I asked.

She described a scary looking doll which I do not know of. πŸ˜‚

“Oh but does this mean you are giving someone something you don’t like?” I asked her again. “How would you feel if someone gives you something they don’t like?”

She pondered. “What about we give something I like a little?”

So we went through her selection of toys.

Pony, PJ Mask, Paw Patrol.. and so on.

There is no toy which she only likes a little.

“I think I like all my toys, Mummy,” she concluded.

I asked her to think about it and let me know tomorrow.

“Mummy, why don’t you just choose the toy for me?” She countered after thinking about it.

“But what if I accidentally chose something you like?” I asked her again.

“It’s ok Mummy. I will be ok. I have a lot of toys!”


I told her I’m so happy she thinks this way.

She smiled sweetly, happy that I am happy.

She rested her head on my lap, but she thought of something and looked up at me again.

“Mummy, what if someone gives me something I don’t like?”


I told her it’s ok. She should still say thank you because she is still lucky to get a toy.

“Mummy can you tell Daddy what I said?”

So we called Daddy, who’d be at reservist for the next three weeks.

I repeated our conversation to him, and then I became almost invisible to their lovers’ banter.

“Good night you smelly smelly boy,” she said. “You haven’t bathed right Daddy? You smelly smelly boy.”

“Good night smelly smelly girl,” Daddy retaliated.

“Hey I’m not smelly ok? I bathed already,” she protested.

“Ok, good night pretty girl,” said Daddy the sweet talker.

She smiled so happily.

“Good night handsome boy. I love you handsome boy!” She declared.

They went on calling each other “pretty girl” and “handsome boy” a few more times before putting down the phone.


Much as I dread having to work past midnight again (as I did on Friday and Sunday).. I’m feeling quite lucky.

And so my second shift starts.. now.

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