Happy birthday!

Happy birthday hubs!

He’s in camp today and has to make do with celebrating with men over pizza. πŸ˜†

I made this collage, printed and framed it. Also bought a basketball cap for the man!

Clarissa and I, ok mostly me, went through hoops to get the photo printed and framed.

We went to the Harvey Norman photo centre after our hair cut on Saturday.

Spent a long time uploading the collage, buying a frame and trying to get the photo printed.. only to be told by the unhelpful staff that it cannot be done because it’s a collage.

I’ve printed quite a number of collages before and this was the first time it happened.

Perhaps it isn’t her fault that her computer kept crashing but her attitude was really bad. So I ended up getting a refund for the photo AND the frame.

We went for lunch, shopped and headed home because Clarissa needed to nap.

When she woke up from her nap, we went out again. πŸ˜†

Girls date round 2. Dinner while waiting for the collage to be printed.

Very happy with the print and the frame which Clarissa picked.

I think / I hope the hubs loves it. 😊

Another round of celebration yesterday!

At Coastal Settlement.

Too bad it was raining and so the girls didn’t get to explore the little playground.

Such a big girl now, but still and always Daddy’s girl.

While this one’s the smallest but Daddy’s #1 biggest fan.


They are twinning ok!

A mouse and a cat lol.

Clarissa is outgrowing the dress her Si-yi bought.

Allie is trying to walk.

We took a family nap before heading to my parents’ place for a swim and dinner!

I’ve always thought Allie’s quite lukewarm towards swimming, unlike Clarissa whose love for water is so apparent.

So it’s a very pleasant surprise to see her so delighted to be in the water yesterday.


I was planning to let Allie waddle in the baby pool so I didn’t change into my swim gear.

But since she went in, I went back to get changed and went into the water.

Got up with Allie first while Clarissa continued to swim in the pool.

I managed to shower Allie while letting her sit in her swim diapers on the bathroom floor. She sat there calmly letting the water run down her face while I shampooed and foamed her.

Only removed her diaper and helped her stand up after I was done washing her hair.

She made it easy for me, another surprise.

I got her changed and passed her to my dad so I could shower too.

And then I realised.. I forgot to pack my bra and my bikini top was completely soaked.

Hahaha but thank God for sisters!

My sis lent me a sports bra and saved my evening. 🀣

And then Clarissa got back, showered and invited herself to Ah-ah’s room to play while waiting for my mum to cook dinner and while I fed Allie her dinner.

Hahahaha I have mafia daughters.

This morning.

Check in photo for Daddy who has already left to book in.

I had a long day at work.

Got home past 730pm, had dinner, and then a quick bedtime story telling with the girls.

Daddy called home to ask for a video call and we had two girls fighting for screen time.

Here’s how it went:

  • Clarissa to me: “Daddy is our boyfriend, not yours.”
  • *Proceeds to position herself right in front of the phone*
  • Allie: *Squeezes herself back onto the screen, and laughs happily pointing at Daddy’s face*
  • Clarissa proceeds to take over the phone and retreat to a corner to talk her Daddy.
  • Allie picks up the house phone, puts it onto her ear and starts babbling and laughing to herself.

Hahahaha how fun.
But Jiejie ended up crying after the call because Meimei managed to press the off button successfully!?


We ended up nearly 30 minutes behind our usual evening schedule and I told Clarissa it was getting late.

When I was wiping her dry after her shower, she said to me, “Mummy, yesterday I didn’t watch two videos and now it’s late.”

“Yes it’s late so you shouldn’t watch video?” I said, despite knowing what she wanted.πŸ˜‚

“But I see the tablet talking now. He says nobody watching me so I’m very sad,” she looked at the tablet sitting innocently on the bedside table and talked to me like she was conveying his message.

“The tablet can talk?” I said incredulously. “Hmm I think he’s saying he needs to rest.”

“No! He’s saying he doesn’t want to rest. He will be very sad to rest. He wants someone to take him and watch him,” she insisted. “So how, Mummy?”

“So we let him rest!” I laughed.

“Nooooo..” She protested.

Hahahaha I let her watch her almost-daily dose of two short videos.

Have to give it to her for her creativity!

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