Dear Allie

Just like this, in a blink of an eye, you turn one today and you are now officially a toddler.

Well, there is a story behind this milestone photo, and it is not that you’ve changed from being smiley to being serious.

It is because I simply cannot get a proper photo taken of you.

And the angles just aren’t consistent.

So I decided to pick a funny one instead.

This is a present from your Si-yi and Gor-gor.

You like it very much and keep wanting to play with it, but you are also afraid of it.

First, you pressed the button and watched cautiously as it moved away from you.

And then you pressed another button and suddenly the pig moved towards you again.. And you panicked.


While Mummy had a good laugh.

Since suspicious you is suspicious, you decide to call for help.

Though I’m not quite sure what you talk about, you are always talking on your phone.

Ok, now how does this wireless vacuum cleaner work? 😍

Very soon, you’d be able to pick this gift from San-yi and Yi-zhang up and walk around with it!

You’ve been crawling / climbing / walking (with support) so much you are literally unstoppable.

You have also exceeded all expectations by becoming the first baby in the family who can climb in and out of the walker on your own.

So carefree, yet careless. So fearless, yet timid.

It’s been fun getting to know you.

You love hugs and kisses.

You always welcome us home with a big, bright smile before following us around and demanding to be carried.

You love snuggling up close to your Jiejie, doing whatever she’s doing, including squeezing a seat out of the same stool.

You love to do things we tell you not to. 😆

Few people actually believe you are the cheeky one until they see you in action.

Because you often do the cheekiest things with the most nonchalant and innocent face.

Thank you for always being the life of the party..

Though I hope you’ll soon learn that presents are meant to be unwrapped, not tasted. 😆

I thought you’d love cakes.

“Arrmmh!” is one of your favourite things to say these days.

But perhaps cakes aren’t your thing yet. 🤣

Definitely a yes when it comes to having fun with Jiejie! 😊

(Also featuring little Piglet, which Jiejie picked for you for your birthday, “because it’s so cute like Allie!”)

Your brightest smile, mostly reserved for Daddy. 😊

We love you, very very much.

And so do your grandparents, uncles and many, many aunties.

Thank you for being the affectionate and gregarious little girl that you are, for loving us unreservedly, even when we sometimes fall short.

You make us laugh so much.

May you always be so happy and carefree.

Keep exploring (but please, please be safe), have fun, and keep smiling.

Love you to the moon and many, many times back,


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