Allie the grumpy traveller

Synchronised finger pointing at random birds flying in the sky.

Not-so Synchronised march to immigration.

Earlier, pre-flight airport famfie.

We took Allie out of bed to get to the airport and she looked so sleepy.

She was totally awake after we checked in.

Not sure where they are heading but it looks fun.

Hello? Wah I didn’t sleep much during the flight leh.

Yep, she probably had three hours of sleep in the bassinet out of the entire eight hours of flight time.

So much for deliberately choosing to take a red eye flight.

Before landing the air stewardess asked the hubs if she may keep away the bassinet.

“Yes you may,” I heard him say to her and without skipping a beat he pointed at Allie and said, “You may keep this baby too.”


Funniest thing I have heard him say so far.

He has already concluded that Allie is not a good traveller and that nine days is too long.

Aye, but I think it’s because Clarissa has set a very high bar?

(Though it’s true that Allie has bad sleep etiquette hahahaha. She just cried the building down and I just rocked my back away trying to make her sleep.)

Poor girl.

Even though she’s had some fun on Day 1 too?

Probably her first time seeing stairs but she climbs it like she climbs it everyday.


We can do this!

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